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Friendly, relaxed dining, with a "country" and an "Americana" flavor comes alive at Mandy's Cafe, located in Columbia, CA, a short walk from Columbia State Park.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past 7 in the morning, opening time for Mandy's, and it's Wednesday, July 03, 2019, and I've arrived at Mandy's Cafe, ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast in California's gold country.

Photo:  The dining features a mixture of tables and booths, along with a small counter facing the kitchen.  It's a little after 7 in the morning, and the gentleman in the photo and I are the only diners on this Wednesday morning.  

I arrived early for breakfast, as by the time I left, shortly after 8, the dining room was getting busy, as Mandy's is a popular breakfast spot in Columbia, and the greater Sonora area.

The decor is very relaxed, clean, and "country" in nature, which works, considering Columbia's history, and the "Mother Lode" setting.

Photo:  There is nothing that I love more than an "old school" diner, with a counter, and a window to the kitchen, where you can chit-chat with the staff, and watch all of the action, as you enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch.

Photo:  One page of the "Breakfast" section of the menu offers everything you could possible dream of for breakfast. Mandy's Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, so any choice listed on the menu is available any time the restaurant is open.

Photo:  I didn't see fried green tomatoes listed on the menu, but this sign seems to indicate it might be true.  I suppose if my heart was set on fried green tomatoes, I'd simply ask my hostess.

Photo:  At the counter, Mandy's Cafe has many listings of local events in Columbia, Sonora, and all of Tuolumne County.

Photo:  My friendly server, Beverly, picks up a couple of breakfast orders from the kitchen window, with a smile. Note the "old school" order wheel, where the orders are relayed to the kitchen, in true, 1960's classic diner style. Oh... nostalgia, and when you combine that with friendly service and delicious food, it makes for an outstanding dining experience.

Photo:  Meet Beverly, my friendly server, who delivered my amazing breakfast to me with a smile, and lots of friendly, "foodie" conversation.  My breakfast is actually on the lower plate, as the other breakfast is for the gentleman seated in the booth, with his back turned toward the camera.

Thanks, Beverly, for the friendly service, great conversation, and the great breakfast.

Photo:  Beverly snaps my photo as I smile, and look forward to a great breakfast of stuffed potato patties, fried eggs, bacon, along with a biscuit, covered in sausage gravy.  Life just doesn't get any better!

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" section of the menu - the time was a little after 7 in the morning - I ordered "Potato Patties," along with a side of a biscuit, covered with country gravy.  As per my de facto standard, I ordered my eggs over easy, and today's choice of meat was bacon.  A bottomless mug of delicious coffee rounded out this wonderful breakfast.

Doesn't the slice or orange, and the sprig of parsley make a nice touch!  Such a great breakfast, and a beautiful presentation.

Photo:  After looking over the extensive breakfast menu, I went with "Potato Patties," as the idea of stuffed potatoes sounded simply amazing on this early Wednesday morning.  Mandy's breakfast menu describes this amazing choice as, "Stuffed with cilantro, onion, bacon and Cheddar cheese.  Choice of two bacon, or two sausage, two eggs and a toast."  When Beverly suggested that biscuit and gravy was part of the "toast" selection, I nearly jumped out of my booth, as biscuit and gravy is definitely my "go-to" side for breakfast.

"Potato Patties" were a good choice, as it had been some time since I'd enjoyed any variety of stuffed potatoes for breakfast.  My breakfast choice today was excellent, as the patties were breaded, deep fried to a golden brown, and crispy-beautiful on the outside.  Inside, there was pure potato goodness - I LOVE potatoes - and the "stuff" inside... cilantro, onion, bacon along with Cheddar cheese, took these amazing potato patties to the "Third Dimension." Every time I cut into one of the patties, gooey, melted cheese ran out... WOW!  As I enjoyed each bite, I noted all the ingredients worked together, all were perfectly balanced, and combined to make an amazing breakfast.

The mark of a good chef, and the true test of his/her ability is delivering fried eggs over easy - my de facto breakfast standard - as such... fried over easy.  My eggs arrived PERFECTLY fried over easy, so I tip my hat to the chef, and compliment on the talent found in Mandy's kitchen.

Most restaurants over cook bacon, but today, my bacon arrived perfectly cooked, juicy, and just plain delicious.  I didn't specify how I wanted my bacon cooked, as I simply forgot to mention my preference as Beverly took my order. I suppose the chef read my mind, as my bacon was absolutely perfect.

I was happy to know that a biscuit, covered with gravy, was an option rather than toast.  Don't get me wrong, as I love toast but a fresh biscuit, cut in half, covered with chunky, delicious sausage gravy?  Does it get any better than that.

Mandy's Cafe is really serious about breakfast, and they're serious about treating you well, and dishing out great food.  I'm a "Yelper," and I'm proud that I'm giving Mandy's Cafe a five star rating on Yelp.

Mandy's Cafe is the kind of restaurant that I absolutely adore, as the food is simple, amazing diner cuisine... not to mention delicious, the dining room is friendly and comfortable, and the staff treats you like family.  Mandy's Cafe is only a five-minute walk from Columbia State Park, so when you're exploring historic Columbia, CA, pay a visit to Mandy's Cafe, for fine dining in California's gold country.  You'll love Mandy's!

Mandy's Cafe
22277 Parrots Ferry Rd.
Columbia, CA 95370
209 588-8020

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