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When I visit San Felipe, my mind usually is fixated on thing:  Fish tacos.  At the north end of Av. Mar de Cortez, on the Malecon, there is an outstanding seafood restaurant by the name of International Rosita Restaurant, where the beer is cold and the fish tacos are delicious.

Photo: It's 1915 on Wednesday evening, September 12, 2012, and I'm ready to enjoy a delicious dinner of fish tacos and beer.  Rosita offers indoor and outdoor dining, but on this beautiful evening, I chose to dine outside, and savor the view of the Sea of Cortez.

Photo:  The decor in the dining room could be described as colorful!  Note the flat screen television on the wall, as International Rosita Restaurant doubles as a sports bar.  There were signs outside the restaurant, and inside advertising they were airing the big-time soccer game between Mexico and Costa Rica this evening.  On this balmy early Wednesday evening, the temperature was in the low 90's, which made outdoor dining very pleasant.

Photo:  My friendly server Bianca smiles after she has set my first Pacifico beer, chips and salsa verde on the table. At International Rosita Restaurant, all you can eat chips and salsa are included with the meal.  The chips were super fresh - the were still warm from the kitchen - and the salsa verde was delicious.  Bianca pointed out to me that everything is made in-house from fresh, local ingredients.

Photo:  After bringing my order of fish tacos to the table, I asked Bianca to pose for me, which she gladly did.  She asked me why I was taking photos, and I told her that I love to take photos of beautiful women - which is the truth - and that brought a giggle out of her.  I explained my mission to her, gave her a business card, and she said she'd look up my web site.

Photo:  Of course I had to get my photo taken.  Business was slow, as the only other diners were the two gentlemen in the background of the photo.

Photo:  Each fish taco was built on one large, toasted, corn tortilla, which held together well, and included two pieces of battered, deep-fried fish. Garnishes included diced tomato, shredded cabbage, cilantro, and creama.  The fish was fried to a golden brown, and was light and crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  The tacos were delicious!  The chips were fresh, and the salsa verde was the best green salsa that I enjoyed on this visit to San Felipe.

Each fish taco cost MEX $20.00 and each beer was priced at MEX $3.00, which is about what you'd expect to pay north of the border, but way on the high-price side for San Felipe.  But the beer was cold, the service friendly and fun, the location was excellent, and the fish tacos were delicious.  I highly recommend International Rosita Restaurant!

International Rosita Restaurant
North end of Av. Mar de Cortez
San Felipe, Baja California
044 6865 40 62 18

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