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I've walked by this restaurant probably a hundred times on my way from the border crossing to the Zona Centro and beyond, and I've never taken the opportunity to enjoy a meal in the place, as if I want to eat at McDonald's, there is a store only about a mile from my home.  Yet, this restaurant is an icon, and every time I've walked past it, it has been packed with mostly locals, so I reasoned that it must have something going for it.  So mostly out of curiosity, on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, I decided to enjoy a breakfast at McDonald's, in Tijuana's Zona Centro.


Photo:  McDonald's Restaurant is truly a landmark, as its located on Av. Amistad, just a couple of blocks south of the border, along the route most visitors walk if they choose to walk to downtown Tijuana and beyond.  The restaurant is quite large, and it features a second story dining room with a nice view.


Photo:  The friendly counter guy, Adrian, rings up my order.  With the exception of everything written in Spanish, you'd think you were in a U.S. McDonald's, as everything looks the same, and like it's U.S. counterpart, this restaurant is squeaky clean inside.


Photo:  The restaurant uses the typical McDonald's format, as the menu selections are displayed above the counter, you wait in line, place your order, pay for it, choose a table, and wait for your number to be called.  You eat your meal, then you dump your garbage in a container, and place your tray on top of it.  Sound familiar?  The staff and customers gawked at me as I took photos, but I detected no hostility.


Photo:  McDonald's offers comfortable seating, in a clean dining room.  The hills in the background are in the U.S.A., as this restaurant is only a couple of blocks from the border.  One GIGANTIC difference between this restaurant and it's U.S. counterparts, is the dining room is completely open to the street, which is the rule for many restaurants in Tijuana and in Mexico.


Photo:  McDonald's menu offers most of the selections found on U.S. menus, but I was surprised to find the menu offers a few selections unique to Mexico, such as the "Desayuno Especial Mexicano," which I just had to order.  The breakfast consists of a McBurrito Mexicana, scrambled eggs, sausage patty, and two English muffins covered with melted anjo cheese and salsa.  The breakfast also included a cup of coffee, which was the best cup of coffee that I've ever enjoyed during my many trips to Mexico... I guess that says something about Mexican coffee!  All-in-all, the breakfast was quite forgetable, and at MEX $48.00, it wasn't exactly a bargain, such as the breakfast I enjoyed earlier in the day at Loncherķa Las Rosas but it wasn't a bad deal...

McDonald's Restaurant
Av. Amistad at Plaza Viva Tijuana
Zona Centro
Tijuana, Baja California

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