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Goodchild family makes good times, when they visit us, as we've been friends with Pam and her family for 15+ years.  Sunday, August 02, 2015, we had another get together, which turned out great, as always.

Photo:  Jordan, Jacquie, Pam, Sharlene, Ashley and Heather enjoy this beautiful Sunday evening at our place.

Photo:  Heather smiles for my camera, as she goes mostly vegetarian for tonight, and this night only.  Our guest of honor, Pam Goodchild, has recently become a vegan, so we wanted to provide food for any taste.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner was tacos, and we just put all of the fixin's on the kitchen island, to make our guests easy, so they could make tacos any way they wanted them to be.

Photo:  I can't say that I went "vegan," or even "vegetarian," as my tacos contained ground turkey, cheese, sour cream, and other things that "vegans" would hate.  But, check it out, as there were many vegetable garnishes, which should score a couple of points with the "don't eat meat" crowd.

Goodchilds mixed with our family always makes for good times...

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