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Saturday, May 03, 2014, I spent a pleasant 6 hours or so on BNSF's Seligman Subdivision, spending most of my time about 5 to 7 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ.  In the six pleasant hours I spent railfanning on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, I photographed a total of 26 trains, which is about typical for this busy double-track mainline.

Photo:  CSX #3122 east heads am eastbound double stack train at M.P. 336.4 east of Flagstaff.  BNSF loves to run pool power on the Seligman Subdivision, and I saw lots of "foreign" power during my six hours on the sub.

Photo:  If you like stack trains, you're in for a treat as most of the trains that BNSF runs on the Seligman Subdivision fall into that category.  BNSF 6838 east leads a double stack at M.P. 336.4.

Photo:  Grain train time!  #7352 west lads one of the few merchandise trains that I had the opportunity to photograph on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Photo:  #6542 leads another stack train east at M.P. 336.4.

Photo:  Later in the day, I moved a half mile east to catch #6672 leading a double stack train east.  I used railroad access roads, which are dirt, and access definitely requires a four wheel drive vehicle, as there were steep grades, rough, dirt roads, and lots of mud holes.  

Photo:  BNSF #6798 leads a double stack train east, with the beautiful, snow-covered, San Franscito Mountains in the background.  This photo, and the previous photo, were taken at M.P. 334.0.

Photo:  BNSF #7689 meets another train at M.P. 334.0.  I love this photo, and I consider it the best photo that I took during this Saturday afternoon railfanning session.

The photos I've posted are only the highlights of the great day I enjoyed railfanning this beautiful couple of miles of the Seligman Subdivision.  You'll enjoy beautiful scenery, easy access, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, and lots of trains.  I love it!

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