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Saturday, October 03, 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the California Capital Airshow, and I had an absolute blast!

Photo:  If you like aviation, airplanes, law enforcement, paramedics, firefighters, or anything military, the Capital Airshow is for you.  In addition to the air show, there are numerous static displays of aircraft, and all local and state law enforcement agencies have vehicles and displays for your enjoyment.  The air show starts at noon, but I "opened up" the place at 0900, and I had barely enough time to check out most of the static displays before the show began.  Lots of excitement and entertainment packed in at Mather Field!

Photo:  Near the start of the show, a WWII B-17 bomber dropped bombs on the runway, which resulted in a lot of fire and smoke.  Unfortunately, my photo was a tad late, as I got the smoke, but as the photo shows, lots of spectators were taking photos.

Photo:  At the 2015 Capital Airshow, there is more than aviation, as Budweiser brought their trailer, which highlights how their fine product is made.  Near the trailer, there is a two-story bar, where you can enjoy a ice-cold, 16-oz can of Bud for $6.00.  The price is a tad steep, but I suppose you're paying for the ambiance of the air show.

Photo:  After you see how the beer is made, you're treated to the open bar at the end of the trailer, where you're given a small sample of Bud, free of charge.  A beautiful Budweiser girl pours the beer, and if you know how to chat up a beautiful woman, like I do, you can get your photo taken with her.  As the photo shows, I know how to chat...

Photo:  I was not impressed by the food offered at the airshow; $6.00 hot dogs, $7.00 burgers, and so forth.  So after the airshow, I stopped by my local Carl's Jr. to check out their latest offering;  "Tex Mex Thickburger."  Quite an interesting burger; follow the link to check out more about my local Car's Jr. dining experience.

Photo:  Carl's Jr.'s "Tex Mex Thickburger" in all it's glory.  It's quite a burger, and I ordered the half-pound version, and the burger is delicious, but at $8.00, I'm scratching my head at the price.  Despite the high price for a "fast food" burger, it was certainly WAY less expensive, and offered a much better value than the food fare offered at the air show.

Check out the air show's web site at www.californiacapitalairshow.com.  You'll be glad you attended this premier California aviation event!

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