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Friday night, December 6, 2013, we enjoyed snow down to about the 1000 foot level.  At the time of this writing, we are in the midst of performing some major changes to our house... Gee, I get sick of working on the house... so the low snowfall gave me a perfect excuse to do a bit of Saturday railfanning.


Photo: Saturday morning, December 07, 2013, U.P. #8596 leads a westbound, double-stack auto train at M.P. 141.91 through downtown Colfax.


Photo:  During a brief snow flurry, Amtrak #6 stops in Colfax and takes on passengers.  Most of the passengers had just departed from an Amtrak bus, and most of them seemed ill-prepared to brave the snow, and the 28-degree temperature on this early Saturday afternoon.


Photo:  Amtrak #6 heads east, at the crossing at M.P. 152.98 at Gold Run.  Today, traffic was a bit slow, so after watching passengers board #6 at Colfax, I decided to take a leisurely drive to Gold Run, and catch #6 at the crossing.  


Photo:  U.P. #7466 east, at M.P. 155.96, a mile or so east of Dutch Flat, leads a double stack container train over Donner Pass.

Yes, the snow is pretty, but it sure is cold, and makes access, parking and railfanning difficult.  But, if you're a lover of Donner Pass railfanning, when it comes to snow, you just Go For It!

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