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Super Bowl Sunday, February 07, 2016.  Yes, we all know the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers by a score of 24-10, in a rather gritty football game.  My daughter, Jacquie and I rejoiced at Denver's win, but we also enjoyed some great food before, during, and after the football game.

Photo:  The party started on Friday, two days before kickoff, as we paid a trip to our local supermarket to purchase all the food and beer necessary to enjoy a pig-out day on Super Bowl Sunday.  I'm baking cut-up chicken wings until their about 90% done on Friday afternoon, and then will be finishing them off in the deep fryer.  Note that each wing has been cut, with kitchen shears, into two pieces, not only to cook better, but to look better.

Photo:  Fast-forward to Sunday morning, about four hours before kickoff.  I'm grilling shrimp, indoors, wrapped in bacon.  True health food for Super Bowl 50!

Photo:  My oldest daughter, Jacquie, stirs the pot of nacho sauce that she made for our Super Bowl 2016 experience.  We're just starting to "spread out" on the kitchen island.  Jacquie and I both wore our N.F.L. jerseys for the occasion, but neither of our favorite teams made the Super Bowl, much less the playoffs...

Photo:  Jacquie takes my photo, as I stir her pot of delicious nacho cheese sauce.

Photo:  Our "spread" of Super Bowl finger food was ready about three hours before kickoff, so we let the party begin early.  For starters, our drink of choice was beer, plain and simple.  Food included Jacquie's nacho cheese dip, in the crock pot, home made Texas "Red Eye" barbecue sauce, grilled bratwurst, buffalo wings, bacon-wrapped shrimp, quesadillas, guacamole, chips and baked potato "puffs."  I can't say our fare was healthy, but it certainly was delicious!

Photo:  My first plate of delicious Super Bowl 50 food.  All in all, I "pigged out" and ate three plates of food, and probably took in 3000 calories.  But, it all worked out!

Good food, and good times were had on this first Sunday in February, in 2016.  We look forward to many more Super Bowl Sundays at our place!

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