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Old school grilled chicken, known in espaņo, as "pollo asado," using my charcoal and wood-fired Weber kettle grill...

Photo:  "Old school" grilling at it's best, using my low-tech Weber kettle grill.  I started the fire using charcoal, and after the charcoal was hot, I switched over to chunks of oak.  Oak grows everywhere around here, and it produces smoke very similar to hickory.  I can't tell the difference, as it's all good.  Today is Wednesday, February 12, 2014. This is not a quick process, as you need to plan on spending several hours if you're cooking chicken this way.

Photo:  I marinated the chicken in orange and juice, with a bit of olive oil thrown in.  I seared it over the hot fire for about two minutes on each side, removed it from the grill, and wrapped in aluminum foil.  The charcoal and wood were at one side of the grill, so I put the wrapped chicken on the "cool" side of the grill, closed the dampers, and allowed it to smoke and bake over indirect heat for a couple of hours, until it was ready.

Photo:  While the chicken was grilling, I made a pot of "cowboy" beans.

Photo:  Pollo Asado, which is Mexican-style grilled chicken, cowboy beans, salsa cruda, along with a couple of corn tortillas.  Muy sabroso!

Sometimes, "old school" just feels right, as the charcoal and oak wood implants a smoky taste in the meat that you just can't duplicate with gas, no matter how hard you try.  Tonight's dinner was delicious, and one of these days when I have the time, I plan to take the cover off my kettle grill, and smoke some more chicken.

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