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Santa Claus came to our neighborhood in West Roseville on early Tuesday evening, December 13, 2016, thanks to the Roseville Police and Fire departments.

The City of Roseville brings Santa to our neighborhood every December, about this time, which certainly is a sign of goodwill towards all Roseillans, and awards a lot of holiday cheer.

Photo:  We knew the Christmas parade was coming, as it was posted on the City of Roseville's web site, which we access often, as there are always a lot of fun, family-friendly activities happening in town.  Furthermore, we could hear the horns blasting and sirens wailing as the parade passed another nearby neighborhood.  The weather guys said it was going to rain, but tonight, December 13, 2016, was dry, and very mild, with a temperature of a balmy 52 degrees.

The Police Department led the parade with lights flashing and sirens wailing, as a smiling officer waved to the neighbors through an open window, and the neighbors waved back.  Santa's helpers walked alongside the parade, passing out candy canes to everybody, including adults.  Such fun!

Photo:  Following the police car came a fire truck, with lights flashing, horn blowing, and siren wailing.  Quite a show for our neighborhood!

Photo:  Nearly everybody in the neighborhood was out on the sidewalk watching the show.  Jacquie, Sharlene, Gabriel, Casey, and next door neighbor Mary are watching the show.  Gabriel loved it with the exception of the horns, as when the fire truck would blow it's horn, Gabriel's face would show displeasure.  But, he loved the rest of the show.

Photo:  Following the fire truck, here comes Santa, pulled by a city work truck.  Note one of Santa's elves, walking the street, passing out candy, immediately behind Santa's locomotive.

Photo:  Santa waved to the neighborhood, as he sits in his brightly lit locomotive, mounted on a flatbed trailer, as he passes our house.

Photo:  The parade turns the corner from our house, and is tailed by two police cars, and an SUV that was following the parade, on the way home.

Thank you City of Roseville, along with the Roseville Police and Fire departments for bring Santa to our neighborhood.

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