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Back in June, 2015, I purchased a Weber Spirit 310-SS propane-fired grill, as Weber produces a superior product, which is easy to use, safe, easy maintenance, and most of all... you grill great food!

Fast forward to June 12, 2022, as I purchased a cast iron griddle, along with a burger hat, which made me ready to grill some amazing burgers.

Photo:  It's Sunday, June 12, 2022, and I just received a cast iron griddle from Amazon, and I'm ready to try it out on my Weber Spirit 310 SS grill.  Yeah... I'm happy that I'm going to be "griddling" on my grill... which the propane-fired grill excels at.

Along with my griddle, I ordered and received a "Burger Hat," but it took me a few days until I was able to put it to use.

Photo:  Oh yeah!  I cooked breakfast on my new griddle and totally enjoyed it!  Click on the image or click on THIS LINK to read the complete grilling experience I posted using my new griddle for breakfast and dinner.

Photo:  Alright... it's Wednesday, July 13, 2022, and I've fired up my Weber Spirit 310 SS grill, and I'm grilling hamburgers, potatoes and corn, on my cast iron griddle.  The plan is to create a diner-style meal.

Photo:  "Burger hat" in use!  First, you season and grill the meat patties.  After flipping the meat, you place a slice - or maybe two - of cheese on the meat, and then set the "burger hat" over the meat to seal in the steam, the heat and the natural juices.  This is a "diner" trick dating back to the 1950's.

Photo:  I lift my "hat" to two perfect meat patties, with melted American cheese topping them.  I'm looking forward to a great cheeseburger for tonight's dinner!

Photo:  Meat patties, complete with melted cheese, after the "burger hat" has been lifted.  I sliced Russet potatoes, which always make for the perfect side dish for a cheeseburger.

Photo:  Cheeseburger, complete with grilled potatoes and corn.  I made the bun from scratch, so this was an "old school" dinner any way you look at it.

Photo:  I'm getting a little out of sequence, but on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, I fired up my smoker to grill a 2-pound London Broil steak that I found on sale at our local supermarket.

Photo:  I've enjoyed my Oklahoma Joe's smoker for the past 8 years or so, and I use locally grown oak wood for fuel, which I gather for free, and "buck" it using my chain saw, or my sawsall.  I also used charcoal harvested from camping trips around the area, and especially during camping/hunting trips to Hornitos, CA, where we enjoy good times at a friend's cattle ranch.  Check out how we make charcoal from local oak wood by clicking on this hyperlink.

Photo:  I opened the pit to show all of the goodness that I've been smoking for the past several hours.

Photo:  Since my "pit" is large, when I fire it up, I tend to smoke A LOT, as it's all the same when it comes to fuel, even though I use locally-harvested oak wood or charcoal, which costs me nothing but my labor.

Today I smoked potatoes, corn, pasilla pepper, honeycomb tripe, a London Broil steak, and pork neck bones.  

Is that a mish-mash of meat or what?  The tripe and the pork neck bones were for a future batch of menudo, while the corn, potatoes, pasilla pepper and the steak were to enjoy for tonight, along with a couple future meals.

Photo:  London Broil steak is finished, after smoking over oak and oak charcoal for around six hours.

Photo:  From the drippings of the steak and the tripe, I made gravy to round out tonight's dinner.

Photo:  Smoked steak, corn, pasilla pepper slices, potato and gravy.  This is a "Texas-style" dinner, that I enjoyed on my Oklahoma Joe's wood-fired smoker.

Before my "Spirit" was adopted into my family, I owned a Weber "Genesis" series grill, which treated me well for nearly 25 years.  But, alas... all things must pass, and I retired it to a loving home and purchased my "Spirit" in June, 2015.  

I enjoy great grilling!

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