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Friday morning, April 14, 2023, I spent a couple of happy hours at Colfax, CA, enjoying mainline railroad action, thanks to Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, on the Roseville Subdivision.  Mainline railroad action is always exciting, when you're railfanning the Roseville "sub," and the Overland Route!

Photo:  It's 08:52 in the morning, Friday, April 14, 2023, and I'm checking out the action M.P. 142.1 to photo a westbound Union Pacific manifest being met by B.N.S.F. #8101, a GE ES44C.  I'm standing on the CA Hwy 174 bridge over the tracks, which provides a great view of all the action.  It's easy to see the location of this photo, thanks to the mile marker on the signal tower.

Thanks to dead batteries in my camera, along with my stupidity to check the batteries before heading out to photograph, I missed the head end of the U.P. train... but hey... I got a meet shot, didn't I?

I had just enjoyed a delicious breakfast at TJ's Roadhouse, in nearby Nevada City, and had traveled to Colfax to enjoy a couple hours of railfanning before heading off to my next eating adventure.

Photo:  B.N.S.F., leading a manifest heads east out of Colfax, with much of downtown visible in the background, on this beautiful Friday morning in mid-April.

Photo:  I was simply relaxing at the Amtrak depot and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather when at 10:03, an eastbound "highrailer," 2023-style, showed up.  Note the telephoto lens shot which exaggerates the curves in the track.

Photo:  U.P.R.R. #2570, a GE ET44AH, and a graduate of the "Class of 2015" leads an empty auto train west, as she rolls into town at exactly 10:15.  The train will be heading to the Port of Benicia to pick up autos and truck to ship east.

Photo:  Two engines and a hundred or so empty auto racks, it's goodbye to UP 2570, as she heads west toward Benicia.

I only caught two trains, unless you "count" the eastbound U.P.R.R. train that I photographed at the meet, where, thanks to dead batteries in my camera, I missed the opportunity to photograph the head end.

Anyway you look at it, it was a fun couple of hours, and I rewarded myself with brunch at Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant, in downtown Colfax.  Cheers!

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