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Saturday, July 14, 2018, I attened the annual Truckee Tahoe Air Show, held at the Truckee Tahoe Airport, in Truckee, CA.  Besides a great air show, there were lots of fascinitaing displays of military aircraft, civilian aircraft, first responders, and a lot more.  Not to mention great beer and food!  The price of admission... FREE!!!

Photo:  Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Truckee Tahoe Air Show, held annually on the second weekend in July. The event is as "family friendly" as it gets, as there are lots of wonderful things for boys and girls of all ages to do. There's even a section for small children to enjoy.  Best of all the event, and parking are totally FREE!  It's Tahoe Truckee Airport's gift back to the community each year.  

Notice the A-10 and F-18 military aircraft in the background of the photo.  On display, there was also a C-130 Hercules aircraft that you could actually tour.

Photo:  An A-10 "Warthog" attack aircraft, as viewed from behind the first aid tent.  If you're an enemy tanker, trucker, or just a plain "bad guy,"  "Mr. Warthog" is your worst nightmare come true.  The 30 mm cannon is a "deal breaker" for the bad guys...

Photo:  It's just before noon on Saturday, July 14, 2018, and I'm enjoying the Truckee Tahoe Air Show at the Truckee Tahoe Airport.  Unlike other air shows - which resemble Disneyland on a summer weekend - the runway is crowded, but there is plenty of room for everybody.  Best of all, the price of admission and the price of parking is FREE!

Photo:  "Sky Dancer," Anna Serbinenko, from Canada, wow the crowd, and your author, with her amazingly graceful flying skills.

The announcer stated many times the oil used to make smoke is "green," as it won't harm the atmosphere.

Photo:  Barry Hancock in his T-6 "Texan," does his stuff, as he flies nearly vertical above the runway.

Photo:  Everybody has their eyes to the sky - except for the photographer - and even the Navy aviators are "wowed" by the stunning aerobatic performances.  I asked the Lieutenant if he'd ever flown his VRC-30 like that, and he laughed, and said that if he tried it, he'd get fired.  

Photo:  After flying over the runway, B-25 Mitchell bomber, also known as "Executive Sweet" poses at the east end of the runway, for everybody to admire.

Photo:  These gals, who appear to be volunteers, are hitching a ride on one of the many ATV's that provide service to keep this fabulous event in operation.

Photo:  Two of the many "Red Bull Wingsuit Team" bank a steep turn, and prepare to make a precision landing on the runway.  These guys landed at a speed of at least 40 mph... they are true athletes!

Photo:  Fellow air show atendees take advantage of the shade offered under the wing of the mighty C-130 Hercules transport airplane.

Photo:  U.S. Navy VRC-30 cargo/mail carrier, know as "C-12 greyhound" on display, with the crew proudly allowing folks to board the aircraft, and take a look inside.  This large airplane actually lands on aircraft carriers, and can be handily stowed inside, thanks to the fold-up wings, as this aircraft demonstrates.  I LOVE military aircraft!

Photo:  It's about 1 in the afternoon on Saturday, July 14, 2018, and the temperature is already in the low 90's... despite the fact that Truckee is located in the high Sierras at an elevation of around 5800 feet.  No relief from hot weather in July!  Many of the spectators seek refuge and shade under the massive underframe of the convenient C-130 to watch the afternoon edition of the air show.

Photo:  Food is not a problem, as the Truckee Optimist Club always has a booth, where they grill delicious hot dogs, bratwurst and burgers, along with corn on the cob, for a very reasonable price.  OK, I admit, I didn't enjoy lunch at the airport today, as I had my sights set on The Rustic Table in Emigrant Gap.  Click on the link to enjoy my dining visit at Rustic Table.

Photo:  The "Corn Girl" hold up an ear of freshly grilled corn, ready for a diner to put it on their plate.

Photo:  The sign says you must "look" 35 or better to purchase beer, but these friendly guys from the Truckee Optimist Club, didn't even ask my age!  Guess the gray in my beard is giving me away.  A 12-oz Coors beer for $5.00; not cheap, but it's not a rip-off either, like the State Fair, or a Oakland Raiders Football game.  The guys are super friendly, so that definitely adds to the atmosphere.

Photo:  I say "cheers" and toast to another wonderful addition of the Truckee Tahoe Air Show, as I proudly hold my plastic cup of Coors beer to the sky.

Such a great way to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon!  The air show is spectacular, the static displays are amazing, everybody is friendly, and admission along with parking are totally FREE!  For a great family event, you just can't beat the annual Truckee Tahoe Air Show!

Truckee Tahoe Airport
10356 Truckee Airport Rd.
Truckee, CA 96151
530 587-4119

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