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Mid Saturday morning, March 20, 2021, I just happened to be enjoying my daily hike, with no thought of railfanning, or photographing railroad action.  Today's hike took me down Industrial Blvd., in Roseville, which happens to parallel the mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad' Valley Subdivision, which runs from Roseville north into Oregon and beyond.  I literally stumbled into some interesting railroad action... thank goodness I had my iPhone with me, to record the action.

I guess this was my 69th birthday present from Union Pacific Railroad to me.  Thanks!

Photo:  It's 09:44 on this beautiful Saturday morning, and I didn't get to catch the head end of this grain train, as it headed into the Roseville yard.  I did get to see the three end d.p.u. uncouple and wait for the train to be cleared into the yard.

The action happened on Union Pacific's Valley Subdivision, at M.P. 109.4, just outside of the massive Roseville yard.

Photo:  U.P. #7445, which is a G.E. AC45CCTE is the end unit on the grain train, as the train heads into the Roseville yard, a short 3 miles from here.

Photo:  U.P. #6781, a General Electric AC44CW leads the helpers, as they follow the grain train into the Roseville yard.

Photo:  The three helper, d.p.u.'s follow the train into Roseville yard, at a safe distance.

Photo:  Just a half mile east, another grain train, led by U.P. #6298 waits at milepost 110.0 for their turn to enter the Roseville yard.  If you're familiar with Roseville, CA, the overpass is Blue Oaks Blvd.

Photo:  The train is led by U.P. #6298, a General Electric AC44CW, a graduate of the "Class of 1992," at M.P. 110.0, outside the Roseville yard.

Photo:  Finally, the train receives the "highball" to head into the yard.  It's 09:58 in the morning, and I can imagine the crew has been on duty since midnight, and I'm quite sure they're glad to be heading into the yard and get off duty..

Photo:  U.P.R.R. #7054, another G.E. AC44CW, leads "tail" on this solid grain train.

You never know when railroad action is going to happen, so when you're near the tracks, it's great to have your "smart phone" ready to go, so you can record the action.  Thank goodness I had my iPhone with me on today's hike!

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