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Tonight, November 26, 2014, we enjoyed carne asada tortas, with a little ham lunch meat included, just to add a bit of flavor.

Photo:  Believe it or not, this is one large russet potato, cut up into strips, and cooking on our George Foreman grill. One large russet potato provides a lot of potato strips.

Photo:  Thin sliced steak, for carne asada, grills on our indoor George Foreman grill.  Yes, I could have used the outdoor grill, but the thin-sliced steak takes only a couple of minutes to cook, so I just took the "easy route" and used the Foreman to cook the beef to perfection.

Photo:  After we toasted the bouillos on the Foreman and cooked the meat, we arranged out everything in the kitchen to enjoy a delicious dinner, buffet style.

Photo:  Dinner... Yeah, it's good!  Grilled potatoes, and a couple of tortas, one of grilled carne asada, and another of ham.

Naturally, the key is to find a store that has bouillos.  If the store has a bakery, it won't be a problem, as bouillos are usually packaged in a "six-pack," or priced by the "each."  The rest is easy, and the tortas we make are nearly identical to the tortas that I've enjoyed during my many trips to Tijuana, and other parts of Mexico.

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