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Bahia Tortugas offers a limited selection of dining options, but that's part of the fun of exploring a seldom-visited town that receives few tourists.  Enjoy the restaurants that I've had the pleasure to dine at, while visiting Bahia Tortugas.

Asadero El Cebo:  This small, family owned and operated restaurant features delicious carne asada tacos, and more, cooked over mesquite coals.

Restaurante El Moroco:  Offers great food, and elegant dining, in a very interesting dining room.  If you're a fan of John Wayne and spaghetti westerns, dine at this restaurant!

La Palapa:  Family owned and operatd, this friendly restaurant features panoramic views of the harbor, a full-servie bar, and great seafood tacos.

Hot Dog Negro:  World-famous, world-class hot dogs, Negro offers the best hot dogs in town.  Juan's hot dogs are too good to pass up!

No Name Pizza:  This pizza restaurant may not have a name, but they serve surprisingly good pizza at very reasonable prices.

Tienda Roja:  This full service convienience grocery store offers pre-made tortas, which are quite good, but don't attempt to purchase beer on Sunday.

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