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Bahia Tortugas is a very out of the way place, and not a world-class destination, but if you want to experience small town Mexico, Baja California Sur style, then Bahia Tortugas is the place to visit.  Leave your attitude at the border, along with your expectations of Mexico, as Bahia Tortugas is a whole new experience!  Enjoy!

Road to Bahia Tortugas:  It's over a hundred miles from Mexico Federal Highway 1 at Vizcaino to Bahia Tortugas, as you travel through the interesting Vizcaino Desert, along the sometimes paved road to Bahia Tortugas.

Bahia Tortugas:  Article about the town of Bahia Tortugas, featuring lots of photos of people, places and the things that make the town of Bahia Tortugas happen.

Bahia Tortugas Restaurants:  I sample the diverse cuisine offered at Bahia Tortugas restaurants, from pizza to delicious fish tacos...

Motel Nanci:  A very basic, two-star motel by Mexican standards, I find this motel surprisingly comfortable, centrally located, and staffed by very friendly people.

People of Bahia Tortugas:  I wander the dusty streets of town, engaged in one of my favorite hobbies:  Street photography of the local residents.

Residental Bahia Tortugas:  Seldon visited, seldom photographed residental neighborhoods of Bahia Tortugas. My photos offer an insite into the lives of the residents of this remote Pacific Ocean town.

La Playa:  I explore the beach, the secluded harbor and the municipal pier, which makes the town a popular stop for the yacht crowd.

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