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We Carne Asada, or grilled Skirt Steak, is easy to make and delicious to eat.  All you need to do is to marinate the steak and cook it on the grill.  Slice the meat, roll it in a flour tortilla, add some Salsa Cruda, and you've got an authentic meal popular in northern Mexico.

Special tools:  Grill, mesquite chips
Preparation time:  About 20 minutes; meat should marinate overnigt
Cooking time:  About 20 minutes
Yield:  6 generous servings

3 pounds skirt of flank steak
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon dry oregano
1 tablespoon coarsely ground pepper, preferably freshly ground from peppercorns
Corn trotillas
Various garnishes

Combine vinegar, olive oil and oregano.  Rub pepper all over the meat, coating evenly.  Place meat in a plastic bowl and pour in marinade; turn meat to coat it well.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.

When meat is ready, fire up the grill and bring to high heat.  Use mesquite wood chips, soaked in water, for a smokey taste.  Using the direct grilling method, cook meat on one side to sear, about 4 minutes, turn over and sear other side, about 3 minutes cooking time.  Transfer meat away from the fire, and cook another 15 minutes using the indirect grilling method. If meat is to be used for tacos, chop into small pieces.

Carne Asada tacos are very popular in the cattle country of northern Mexico and are widely sold on the streets of Mexico by vendors.  During my visits to Tijuana, Mexicali and other Mexican cities, I've probably eaten hundreds of carne asada tacos.  If you're going to make tacos, use fresh corn or flour tacos and some of my Salsa Cruda for garnish.  


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