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The Sacramento Breakfast Club is a group of friends and co-workers who love breakfast, and have a mission to enjoy and review every restaurant that specilizes in breakfast in the greater Sacramento area.

Kim's Country Kitchen:  Features delicious food, friendly service, and a "country" dining room, with camping lanterns and mounted animal trophies for atmosphere.  Favorite of Lincoln locals...

Evan's Kitchen:  Wow! Time flies when you've been busy eating breakfast, as we revisit this outstanding breakfast restaurant after nearly five years!  Amazing breakfasts, and the best breakfast gravy in the world!

Chewy's:  One word comes to mind... AMAZING.  Ditto for the food, the value, the experience, and the amazingly friendly staff.  Simply, AMAZING!

The Pitts Stop Restaurant:  Small, dive-like restaurant, located in a run-down neighborheed, it's a gem, and a diamond in the rough.  Unique decor, friendly people, awesome menu, and great food.

Cornerstone Cafe and Bar:  Fun, neighborhood, pub-like atmosphere, friendly service, and great food.  Breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open.

Legends and Heroes Sports Bar and Grill:  Legends has morphed into becoming a "destination of choice" for our club, as the food is "legendary," the service is great, and the atmosphere is comfortable.

Original Pancake House:  We've been here before, but it's always a great restaurant to visit, and serves some of the best pancakes in the area.

Lido Bar & Grill:  Features delicious "California Bistro" cuisine, served by friendly people in an elegant, and very attractive dining room.

Rivers Edge Caf:  Our customary Christmas Eve breakfast, at one of our favorite restaurants, thanks to the great food, friendly service, and the wonderful hosts, Tony and Shannen Park.

Legends and Heroes Sports Bar and Grill:  Legends has it all, including an outstanding breakfast, a fun, comfortable sports bar atmosphere, and a fine view of the golf course. Oh baby!

Original Mel's Diner:  Retro dining at it's best, breakfast served 24/7, with friendly staff, good prices, and delicious food!

Sunrise 2 Sunset Grill:  Located on Folsom Blvd. in Rancho Cordova, this fine breakfast restaurant features family-friendly dining, great food, friendly service, and represents an outstanding breakfast experience.

Charlie's Caf:  It's been nearly two years since we've visited this wonderful restaurant, so it was time for an encore performance.  Charlie's is one of favorite breakfast restaurants in Citrus Heights.

Waffle Barn:  Considered to be one of the finest breakfast restaurants in Roseville, and we can't argue with that definition, as we pay another visit to this fantastic breakfast utopia.

Rivers Edge Caf: Another visit to a wonderful restaurant, located on the banks of the American River.  Great breakfast, including the Hangover II!  You just have to LOVE it!!!

Peg's Glorified Ham 'n Eggs:  Innovative cuisine, friendly staff, huge portions, and delicious food, served in a comfortable dining room, with an open kitchen... You can't beat breakfast at Peg's!

IHOP:  The Madison Ave. location is always a good choice, as the food is good, the dining is comfortable and the staff is always friendly.

Cricket Country Kitchen:  We can't stay away from this fine restaurant, which sports our award for the "Quirkiest Decor In Town!"  Decor aside, breakfast is top-shelf!

Original Pancake House:  The best pancakes in town!  Great food, friendly service, "just right" portions, delicious coffee, and if you're a pancake lover, this is YOUR restaurant.

Caf Americano:  The newest restaurant in Roseville!  Features breakfast and lunch only, great food, and very friendly staff.

Mimi's Caf:  We begin the month of June by enjoying a delicious meeting at Mimi's, and experience a great breakfast at their unique round table.

Cricket Country Kitchen:  We rave at the breakfasts this restaruant serves, as their breakfast are stacked on the top shelf!  Features funky decor, fantastic service and reasonable prices and much more...

Bella Bru Caf:  Elegant dining, good food, fast and friendly service, in an elegant, comfortable dining room... we embrace diversity, and Bella Bru Caf is definitely a departure from our "normal" breakfast protocol.

Early Toast:  We visit their new location in Roseville, and enjoy a delicious breakfast, served by friendly staff, in their comfortable, upscale location.  Highly recommended!

Mary's Gold Miner Caf:  You will definitely not leave this restaurant hungry, as the portions are HUGE!  The food is delicious, and the staff is both friendly and attentive.  A "winner" in all respects...

Waffle Barn:  We enjoy a delicious breakfast meeting at the Carmichael location of this small, local chain of restaurants that specialize in a wonderful breakfast.

Uptown Caf:  We visit Uptown Caf for another superior breakfast, and enjoy the company of Good Day Sacramento, and are featured on live television.

Grandma's Kitchen:  Some restuarants deserve a repeat visit... Grandma's Kitchen features "comfort food," and food custom made-to-order.  Here we are again... only two months after our last visit!

Rivers Edge Caf:  One day later... We return the next day, to enjoy another delicious breakfast, and appear on live Sacramento television, with the crew from Good Day Sacramento.

Rivers Edge Caf:  Like the name implies, this outstanding restaurant is located near the American River.  Great people, great coffee, and great food, including their famous STUFFED HASH BROWN POTATOES!!!

Black Bear Diner:  We visit the newest restaurant in the greater Sacramento breakfast scene, for some "bear friendly," quality, comfort food, as only Black Bear Diner can deliver.

Waffle Barn:  Open for breakfast and lunch, Waffle Barn is serious about breakfast!  Great food, friendly staff, and a fun place to hold a serious breakfast club meeting.

Four Sisters Caf:  We enjoy our annual Christmas Eve breakfast meeting at this wonderful restaurant, and enjoy one of the best breakfasts in the area!

Grandma's Kitchen:  Features "comfort food" that your grandmother would be proud to call her own!  Great food, great service, and comfortable dining in a family-friendly restaurant.  Love it!

Four Sisters Caf:  Roseville's newest breakfast outlet, as the name implies, it's owned and operated by four sister. Features fast, frriendly service, comfortable dining and a very innovative breakfast menu.

Country Gables Caf:  It's dj vu for a fine breakfast restaurant, that knows how to fix an outstanding breakfast, and is located within walking distance of our house.

FlapJacks Diner:  Serves breakfast and lunch in a family-friendly, comfortable, country-feeling dining room. Awesome food, large portions, friendly staff, and delicious coffee... Flapjack's is a breakfast-lover's dream come true!

Madison Ave. IHOP:  Offers an unbelievable breakfast menu!  Yes, it's a national chain, but the Madison Ave. location of IHOP will change the way you feel about breakfast, as it's that good...

Original Pancake House:  This is the place for pancakes in Roseville... It's also a place for a great breakfast!

Waffle Shop:  If you love waffles, you've come to the right place, but wait!  .... there's so much more!  Great food, great service and great coffee!

Country Gables Caf:  Voted by the local newspaper as "Best Breakfast in Roseville," and serves delicious "Americana" breakfast cuisine in a comfortable dining room, by friendly staff.

Florez Bar and Grill:  Serves both Mexican and American breakfasts, in a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere. Features delicious food, comfortable dining, and very friendly staff.

The Purple Place:  It's a sports bar... it's a roadhouse... it's a place that dishes out a delicious breakfast.  We've been here before, but today, it's dj vu for a great restaurant...

The Original Pancake House:  It's dj vu to enjoy another delightful breakfast at one of the best pancake restaurants in the area!

Jessie's Country Kitchen:  This new restaurant features great food, large portions, friendly service, and very comfortable, family-friendly dining.  Jessie's is our kind of restaurant...

Lumberjacks Restaurant:  Features rustic dining in attractive, comfortable surroundings, lumberjack style cuisine, large portions, delicious food, with fast and friendly service.  You'll never leave this restaurant hungry...

JR's Texas West Bar-B-Que:  Travel to Texas without leaving Sacramento, and enjoy a delicious Texas-style breakfast in a comfortable, rustic, dining room.

The Original Pancake House:  Features pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes, served in a beautiful dining room, by friendly people who treat you like family.

Hungry Hollow Caf:  Small mom and pop restaurant, features fast, friendly service, outstanding coffee and delicious food, served at reasonable prices, Hungry Hollow Cafe is a favorite of the locals...

Granite Rock Grill:  This restaruant is serious about breakfast, as their motto is "Home of the BEST breakfast in the greater Sacramento Valley/Placer area."  That's quite a statement, but they serve quite a breakfast!

Flapjack's:  Features all of your breakfast favorites, served by friendly staff members, in a comfortable, country style dining room.  Flapjack's is a favorite of the local diners...

Perko's Caf:  We enjoy a fine breakfast, served with a friendly smile, in a informal, comfortable restaurant.

Venita Rheah:  Features great breakfast, served by friendly people... Venita's is a place that you love to go to for breakfast!

Central Station Grill:  Barbecued brisket and eggs for breakfast?  You bet!  They're a barbecue restaurant, complete with a smoker in the parking lot, but Central Station Grill knows how to serve breakfast...

Ashley's Country Kitchen:  Features all your breakfast favorites served by very friendly staff, in one of the most attractive dining rooms in the greater Sacramento area.

Auburn Breakfast Club:  Located in Auburn, California, the name of the restaurant speaks for itself, as they serve a "killer" breakfast, with some of the best gravy that we've ever tasted.

Waffle Kings:  They're really serious about breakfast, as breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open. Features deliious breakfasts, fast, friendly service and very reasonable prices.

Charlie's Caf:  If you're counting our reviews, you'll note this is the seventh review we've givien Charlie's... We love this restaurant, and keep coming back for more of Charlie's home style cooking...

Cricket Country Kitchen:  We hold an "emergency" meeting at Cricket's for alumnus and past club president, Brad Holther, who was visiting from out of state.

Rosie's Country Kitchen:  Offers unbelievably delicious and low priced weekday breakfast specials, served by friendly people, and is a favorite breakfast hang-out of the local residents.

Lido Bar and Grill:  Features delicious "California Bistro" cuisine, served by friendly people in an elegant, and very attractive dining room.

Red Apple Caf:  Features classic Americana cuisine, friendly people, good food, good prices, country decor, and a spacious, covered patio, with sweeping views of the Sierra foothills, and the Placerville Airport.

Jim Denny's:  Home of the largest pancake on the West Coast, and an alumnus of Man vs. Food, Jim Denny's serves a delicious breakfast, even if you don't want to tackle their pizza-pan sized pancakes.

Mimi's Caf:  Great food... great breakfast... and we were served by Kathy, who is one of the most friendly servers that we've ever had the pleasure to meeting.

Sweetpeas:  An Auburn legend that offers delicious food, great prices, friendly staff, comfortable family-friendly dining, and much more!  Sweetpeas is worth the drive from anywhere...

Lucky Caf:  A midtown Sacramento restaurant icon for many years, Lucky Caf serves delicious food in a retro atmosphere, and caters to the taste of local residents.

Lil Joe's:  Serves delicious diner cuisine in a retro diner atmosphere.  Owned and operated by the same family since the 1940's.  Features great food, friendly people and low prices.

Pacific Street Caf:  Combines great food, friendly service, large portions, comfortable dining... all at great prices. AND it features a working model railroad, and great real-life, real train, railroad watching!

Cricket's Country Kitchen:  Features funky decor, comfortable dining, exceptional food, and staff who remember you, call you by name, and treat you like family.  We love this restaurant!!!

Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso Bar:  Located just a football field away from the American River Parkway, this restaurant is serious about breakfast and offers stuffed hash brown potatoes and much more!!!!

Amore Caf, Bakery and Espresso Bar:  There is simply no way to translate the word "love" to describe the delicious food, elegant dining and the friendly staff at this wonderful restaurant.

Chubby's Diner:  Retro diner that features all-American favorite diner cuisine, and a decor that will take you back to the 1950's.  Great food, friendly service, and a server that everybody just loves!!!

El Rincn del Sabor Fresh Mexican Grill:  Family owned and operated, El Rincn combines the best attributes of sit-down and fast food restaurants, and serves delicious, Mexican breakfasts.

Lake Forest Caf:  It's Victorian... It's unique... Their menu is very different, the service is great, the price is right, and the food is delicious.

Lido Bar and Grill:  Features delicious California cuisine, served by friendly people in a comfortable, cozy and contemporary dining room.  Oh yes... breakfast is fabulous at Lido!

Mimi's Caf:  We abandon our usual protocol and enjoy a delicious breakfast at Mimi's Caf.  Mimi's features great food, comfortable dining, good prices, and fast, friendly service.

Caballo Blanco Restaurant:  There aren't many restaurants in our area that offer a full, Mexican breakfast, but Caballo Blanco has been serving delicious Mexican cuisine since 1961.

Nopalitos Southwestern Caf:  Serves one of the best breakfasts that we've enjoyed during the years our club has been active, and like the name implies, if you're a fan of southwestern cuisine, you'll love Nopalitos.

Bella Bru Caf:  Elegant dining, good food, fast and friendly service, in an elegant, comfortable dining room; Bella Bru offers a welcome change from our usual breakfast protocol.

The Purple Place Bar and Grill:  A combination roadhouse, sports bar and restaurant, Purple Place also serves a quality breakfast and the restaurant is lots of fun to visit.

5 Dollar Diner:  Features most menu items priced at five dollars or less, but they don't skimp on quality, quantity or service, as you get great food, served by friendly people, at a great price.

Charlie's Caf:  We carry on a Christmas Eve tradition by enjoying a delicious breakfast at Charlie's on Christmas Eve Day.

Susie's Country Oaks Caf:  This rainy Friday was not an official club meeting, as it was more of a family affair, yet we never miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast!

Jessie's Country Caf:  Located in upscale Granite Bay, Jessie's is staffed by some of the friendliest people we've had a chance to meet, and serves a superior breakfast at a good price.

Black Bear Diner:  We've been waiting for these guys to come to down, and trust us, it was worth the wait.  Serves delicious "American" cuisine in a rustic, yet spacious dining room.  Delicious food, friendly service also...

Lodge Coffee Shop:  We can't stay away from this place, as we love the rustic ambiance, the friendly service, the outstanding food, and the "Best coffee west of the Mississippi."  Well, maybe... but the coffee is great!

Country Gables Caf:  It's baaaaack!!!  We enjoy breakfast a the completely new and rebuilt restaurant, at the restaurant that proclaims, "Voted Best Breakfast in Roseville."

Venita Rhea's:  After a two year laspe, we enjoy delicious breakfast at a comfortable, gracious, and family-friendly restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Early Toast:  Offers elegant dining in a beautiful dining room, friendly service, delicious food, creative breakfast choices, and stunning presentation of plated entres.

Waffle Square Country Kitchen:  More than it's name implies, and includes amenities such as open only for breakfast (yeah!!!!) and huge breakfast menu... friendly service... and the food is great!

Erica's Caf:  Modest prices, fast, friendly service, family-friendly dining in a contemporary styled dining room... oh yes, Erica's serves a delicious breakfast.

Waffle Shop:  Fast, friendly service, outstanding food, great menu choices, and home of the largest country fried steak in the greater Sacramento area, along with rock-bottom prices.  You'll never leave hungry!

The Purple Place Bar and Grill:  They wear many hats, including sports bar, restaurant and neighboorhood hangout, and they serve a mighty fine breakfast.

Lake Forest Caf:  Located in a century old house, this quaint restauant offers a totally different outlook on breakfast, from a very unique menu.

Waffle Square Country Kitchen:  You've reached this web site, so we know you love breakfast, and you'll love Waffle Square, as they deliver a superior breakfast at a good price, by super-friendly servers.

Ernie's Coffee Shop:  Of South Lake Tahoe fame, Ernie's serves breakfast and lunch from a comfortable, modern location in Folsom.  Great food, friendly people, and lightning-fast service.

Charlie's Caf:   If we had to nominate our club favorite restaurant, this place would be it, and Brad chooses to hold his last meeting as a member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club at Charlie's.

Cricket Country Kitchen:  One of our favorite restaurants, we enjoy a delicious breakfast, and say goodbye to three of our club members.

Pancake Circus:  This restaurant combines clowns, friendly people, great service, outstanding coffee, delicious pancakes, large portions, and low prices to make this place a must-visit when you're in mid-town Sacramento.

Ginger's Restaurant:  Fine American cuisine, served in a laid-back, beach-themed atmosphere, with delicious food, great service, generous portions, at reasonable prices.  Ginger's is a great place to enjoy breakfast.

Mary's Gold Miner Caf:  Delicious, quality food, and lots of it, served in attractive surrounding, by friendly and efficient staff.  Mary, the owner, will come to your table and greet you!

Uptown Caf:  Probably the most unique restaurant that I've ever had the pleasure to visit, this place serves wonderful breakfasts, and is operated by a super-friendly father and daughter team.  We love this place!

Pancake Palace Restaurant:  A long-time local favorite, this restaurant offers delicious food at unbelievably low prices, fast and friendly service, all in a retro-diner setting.

Brookfield's Restaurant:  Today's meeting was not a regular club meeting, as we celebrated Dan's official retirement breakfast with family, friends and AT&T co-workers .

Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso:  We love the stuffed hash brown potatoes, the gorgeous decor, the delicious food, and the fast and friendly service.  We love this restaurant!

Charlie's Caf:  We can't seem to get enough of this restaurant, as they combine everything that we love about a restaurant, including delicious food, reasonable prices, and the friendliest service in town.

Eggie's Coffee Shop:  We pay an encore visit to a restaurant that we just can't stay away from, as Eggie's offers great American "comfort" food, large portions, and friendly service.

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop:  A Sacramento icon for comfort food, Mr. Perry's is open 24/7, features any entre, at any time, and is the home of the Iowa Style Breakfast!  It just doesn't get any better...

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks:  Features Western-themed breakfasts and decor, with the word breakfast as part of the title of the restaurant, you know this place serves a delicious breakfast!

Stagecoach Restaurant:  We bring in the New Year the right way, by enjoying a wonderful, Southern-style breakfast at Stagecoach Restaurant.

Alonzo's Coffee Shop:  Serves American and Mexican "comfort food" and offers breakfast food for any taste, at any time... you can't go wrong dining at Alonzo's...

Aviator's Restaurant:  Great food, fine views of a general aviation airport in action from an aviation-theme restaurant, and custom-made S.O.S. for breakfast... this is your place to eat breakfast!

Lido Bar & Grill:  Have you ever had a Milanesa Napolitana for breakfast?  You'll enjoy it at Lido's, served by one of the friendliest gals that you'll ever meet, and you'll enjoy delicious food, and fine dining.

Original Mel's Roseviile:  Mel's has a neon sign that reads, "We serve breakfast 24 hours a day."  Oh yes! ... we love Original Mel's in Roseville!

Charlie's Caf... another time...:  When we declare an "emergency" club meeting, the default restaurant is Charlie's, and we enjoy a delicious breakfast at this "emergency" club meeting.

Harry's Caf:  Delicious breakfasts in midtown Sacramento... you can order traditional American favorites, or you can take a walk on the wild side and order Asian Breakfasts, which spell delicious in any language.

Lodge Coffee Shop... dj vu:  We love the food, we love the service, we love the atmosphere... when it comes to Lodge Coffee Shop, we love it all!

Brookfield's Restaurant:  Family-friendly dining, fresh, wonderful food, reasonable prices, along with fast and friendly service are trademarks of the family-owned and operated local chain of three restaurants.

Fox and Goose:  Features delicious British cuisine, served in a former warehouse, decorated as an English pub.  If you're a fan of a delicious British breakfast, look no further than this delightful restaurant...

Original Perry's Coffee Shop:  A Sacramento landmark restaurant, Original Perry's is the home of the Iowa-style Pork Loin breakfast.  This breakfast is worth the drive from anywhere... maybe even Timbuktu?

IHOP (Madison Ave.):  We patronize corporate America and enjoy a delicious breakfast, and perhaps the best country fried steak in Sacramento, served by a charming waitress.

Evan's Kitchen and Catering:  Features fresh, quality food, very friendly service, comfortable dining, and the best breakfast gravy that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Carol's Restaurant:  Family owned and operated, reflects the taste of the locals, and everything on the menu is priced at under $10.00!

Charlie's Caf:  We've been to Charlie's many times, because we love the food, the service, the restaurant, and the people who work there, and treat us like family.

Jim Denney's Hamburgers Chili:  Small diner located in downtown Sacramento that's been going strong since 1934, and serves legendary pancakes that will fill your plate, and more...

Waffle Square Country Kitchen:  After an absence of nearly two years, we enjoy another wonderful breakfast at Waffle Square, home of the Farmer's Skillet!

Pacific Street Caf... reprise:  We pay a second visit to this great breakfast restaurant that features delicious food, fantastic service, and comfortable dining, in the heart of "Old Town" Roseville.

Sutter Street Grill:  Located in the heart of historic Folsom, Sutter Street Grill features delicious food, a warm, cozy atmosphere, old-fashioned decorations, and fast, friendly service.  What isn't there to love?

Lumberjack's Restaurant:  A new kid on the block that features Paul Bunyan-sized portions, great food, and friendly staff.  We love the restaurant's motto:  "Where the big boys eat..."

The Terrace... one year later:  Last year, we "opened up" The Terrace, today, we pay a return visit and are treated to the same friendly service, elegant atmosphere, and delicious food.

Roseville Family Restaurant:  How can you not love a restaurant with a name like this?  Great breakfasts, wonderful service, at unbeatable prices makes this restaurant a keeper...

Rivers Edge Caf and Espresso:  Have you ever heard of Stuffed Hash Brown Potatoes?  Delicious food, wonderful service and gorgeous surroundings make Rivers Edge a winner for the breakfast club.

Susie's Country Oaks Caf:  Delicious country cooking, large portions, efficient and friendly staff, this restaurant is a breakfast lover's dream come true.  Our first breakfast expedition of 2009 ends with great success!

Charlie's Caf:  We can't stay away from this place, as it has everything we love about a restaurant, including wonderful food, huge portions, comfy surroundings, and staff that treat you like family.

Cassidy's Family Restaurant:  Imagine "Cheers" morphed into a coffee shop, and you've got the picture of Cassidy's.  But there's more... delicious food, ample portions, and a good bang for the buck.

Venita Rhea's:  A Rocklin icon, Venita's features outstanding service, delicious food, attractive California-style decor, family-friendly dining, and a whole lot more...

Aviator's Restaurant:  You enjoy a delicious breakfast as you watch from a bird's eye view the operation of a busy, general aviation airport... it doesn't get any better that this!

Oak Tree Diner:  This family-friendly restaurant features everything we love, including delicious food, friendly service, skilful presentation, huge portions, and some of the lowest prices that we've ever seen.

The Original Pancake House:  If you crave delicious pancakes, this restaurant offers an endless array of them, along with wonderful service, delicious coffee, and a unique decor to die for...

Jitters Caf:  Family owned and operated, Jitters features great food, friend service and a multitude of breakfast choices, including delicious S.O.S.!

Lodge Coffee Shop:  You don't have to go to Lake Tahoe to dine in a ski lodge restaurant; just visit the lodge for rustic decor, innovative entrees, friendly service and delicious food.  Home of "Eggs Pancho."

Cricket Country Kitchen... again:  Features down-home country cookin', friendly service, funky atmosphere, great food at reasonable prices.  Cricket's rocks our world!

Waffle Barn... reprise:  We can't resist a second visit to this popular restaurant in Roseville, which features everything that a breakfast lover could wish for in a restaurant.

Pacific Street Cafe:  Their mission:  A friendly eatery dedicated to fine foods and a friendly atmosphere.  That pretty well says it all, but what about the efficient, friendly wait staff and the delicious food?

Charlie's Caf receives Best Caf  In Citrus Heights Awards:  Voted by listener's survey from a top-rated local radio station, as the best caf in Citrus Heights, we just had to visit the place again, and savor the moment...

Railroad Caf: ... again:  We just keep coming back to this place, due to the delicious food that we enjoy, good hospitality, and Sherry's friendly smile.

Charlie's Caf: ... reprise:  How many times have we visited Charlie's restaurant?  The food and the staff are so great that we just can't resist dining at this place again, again, and again...    

The Terrace:  Features California cuisine, in a family-friendly, upscale shopping mall, we have the honor of being the first paying customers to visit this amazing restaurant.

Eggie's Coffee Shop, Reprise:  Eggie's offers huge portions, served by friendly staff, and is a favorite of the locals, so how could we resist another visit?  

Rosie's Country Kitchen, the second location:  Recycled Denny's building, friendly staff, delicious breakfasts, Rosie's is the sort of place that you'd die-for to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento, CA.

Rosie's Country Kitchen, the first location:  Combine southern-style breakfasts, traditional lunch offerings, and Indian cuisine, Rosie's covers all bases, and serves an outstanding breakfast!

Railroad Caf:  Family owned and operated, Railroad Caf serves delicious breakfast by some of the friendliest people that you'll ever have the pleasure to meet.

Erica's Caf:  Innovate, unique and comfortable dining, plus friendly service and delicious food makes Erica's Caf a breakfast treasure, located in Citrus Heights, California.

Caf Delicias:  Delicious, Mexican-style cuisine, catered to the tastes of Placer County locals, Caf Delicious features outstanding service, attractive presentations, and a family-friendly place to dine.

Hungry Hollow Caf:  Small, intimate surroundings, fast, friendly service, outstanding coffee and delicious food, served at reasonable prices, Hungry Hollow Cafe is a favorite of the locals...

Charlie's Caf... again:  We called an "emergency" meeting of the Breakfast Club, as we just had to get another fix of Charlie's delicious country cooking.

Country Gables Caf:  Voted "Best Breakfast in Roseville" by readers of the newspaper The Press-Tribune, we had to do a scientific experiment to see if it really serves the best breakfast!  Update:  Destroyed by fire on May 18, 2009.

Mr. Perry's Coffee Shop:  A Sacramento icon restaurant, Mr.  Perry's serves renown "comfort food," to Sacramento, and an Iowa-style Pork Loin breakfast that you just have to sample...

Charlie's Cafe... revisited:  Charlie's Cafe features superior food, and the friendliest service that we've ever had the pleasure to enjoy during our Sacramento breakfast experiences.  Charlie's is worth a second review...

Original Mel's Diner: If you're in the mood to enjoy a great breakfast, served by a friendly waitress in nostalgic surroundings, Original Mel's is the place to dine.  Mel's features many daily specials priced well under $4.00!

The Waffle Barn:  Located in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento, Waffle Barn is a favorite of the locals, and a place that you want to check out for delicious breakfast, that will keep you satisfied for the rest of you day.

Sandy's 101 Omelets:  Located in Fairfield, nearly an hour drive west of Sacramento, Sandy's menu really does include 101 omelets, and a whole lot more.  Perhaps our favorite restaurant?  Read all about it...

Johanna's Restaurant:  Great food, friendly service and outdated, funky decor, well, that makes Johanna's Restaurant a place that you don't want to miss.

Original Perry's Coffee Shop:  Family-friendly restaurant, with a varied menu that caters to locals and truck drivers, we enjoy an Iowa-style breakfast of perfectly cooked pork loin, with three fried eggs.  Delicious!

Lil' Joe's Restaurant:   Lil' Joe's is a friendly, one-of-a-kind restaurant, that has served over a million steaks from the same location since 1953.  We enjoy a fantastic Meatloaf Breakfast.

Charlie's Cafe:  Charlie's Cafe features very friendly service, a varied menu, outstanding food, and a brand new restaurant, complete with a big screen television.  We love this place!

Sammy's Restaurant:   Sammy's Restaurant has been in business since 1944, and they know how to serve a delicious breakfast, featuring outstanding food, and friendly, efficient service.

Silver Skillet Restaurant:  Located in the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza, this restaurant is a trucker's dream, as it's open 24/7 and serves good trucker-style food and very reasonable prices.

Eggie's Coffee Shop:  Outstanding food, fast, friendly service, very reasonable prices, and a menu that local tastes, you cant miss Eggie's Coffee shop for the best in Sacramento cuisine.

Cornerstone Restaurant:  This restaurant has it all, including outstanding food at reasonable prices, fast and friendly service, and a waitress who is a talented cartoon artist.

Cricket Country Kitchen:  Features outstanding food, interesting decor, and the friendliest service that you'll ever enjoy in a restaurant.  You must order one of their chicken-fried steaks...  We love this place!

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks:  If you're looking for an outstanding meal in a fun, family-friendly dining atmosphere, look no further that Annie's, where the locals prefer to dine.

International House of Pancakes:  Don't let the name mislead you, as IHOP serves the biggest omelet that I've ever eaten, the mighty Colorado Omelet.

Waffle Square:  If you're a fan of a skillet breakfast, you can't pass up breakfast at this place.  Oh yes, they do serve waffles too!

Western Coffee Pot:  A family-friendly cafe, favored by the locals, Western Coffee Pot serves a unique chicken fried steak that sits on top of the gravy.

Waffle Barn:  Combine a fun, festive atmosphere, delicious food, retro-prices, fast, friendly service and a competent location, and you just can't pass up a meal at the Waffle Barn, located on Pleasant Grove Blvd, in Roseville.

Gold Miner Cafe:  After we read a review of this place in a local magazine, we had to give it a try.  Gold Miner features HUGE portions, delicious food, and friendly service.  Don't pass on this place!

The Sacramento Breakfast Club:  Who are we?  What is our motivation?  Here's your chance to meet the core members that form the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

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