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Brookfield's Restaurant is a small chain of three restaurants located in the greater Sacramento area that is locally owned and operated since 1981.  

Photo:  It's a bright, sunny, late morning, January 10, 2013, and I'm going to enjoy brunch with friends at Brookfield's Restaurant, located on Madison Ave., in Sacramento.

Photo:  Here's the view of the dining room as you enter the restaurant.  At 1130 on this Thursday morning, the restaurant isn't busy, but when we left an hour later, the place was packed.  Our server, Tayler, is taking orders from our group. seated at the rear of the photo.

Photo:  When our orders were ready, Tayler brought them out on a couple of large trays, one tray per hand, and placed them on the table next to us.  Quite a feat!

Photo:  Tayler is about ready to hand Jimmy his order of bacon, eggs and potatoes.  The photo gives the viewer a good idea of the comfortable, spacious, and family-friendly dining room that Brookfield's Restaurant offers.

Photo:  We're a group of six retired AT&T employees, who are friends, and worked more or less together for many years.  Left to right:  Tony, Ricky, Jimmy, Robert, Bobby and your author, Eric.

Photo:  I ordered the "Two Eggs, Any Style" breakfast, complete with sourdough toast, coffee, and a side of gravy. Great breakfast!!!

Photo:  Meanwhile... December 10, 2013, our friendly server, Brenda cracks up, as I snap her photo.  She has her job cut out for her, as she's about ready to serve our ex-telephone veterans breakfast group...

Photo:  The second Tuesday of every month, a group of Sacramento, mostly ex-NOC and Pacific Bell employees get together for breakfast at Brookfield's Restaurant. Today, December 10th, I managed to photograph our group.  I won't name you, but you all know who you are...

Photo:  Again, I order two fried eggs, home style potatoes, sourdough toast, and a side of gravy.  You can't beat it, as the food is good, the service is great, the price is right, and Brookfield's Restaurant is a great place to enjoy breakfast!

Brookfield's Restaurant features cuisine that could best be described as "American comfort food."  Whatever you want to label the food as, it's outstanding, and very reasonably priced.  Be sure to check their daily specials, and their "special menu," where you can choose from an assortment of delicious offerings at bargain prices. Brookfield's Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a great meal!

Brookfield's Restaurant
4343 Madison Ave.
Sacramento, CA 9582
916 332-0108

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