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There is nothing better than visiting a restaurant, in a small town, that is a local "hang out," and has their sights set on only two things:  Breakfast and lunch.  Such is the mission, and the purpose of Cafe Luna, in the small, Sierra Nevada mountain town of Colfax, California.

Photo:  Cafe Luna is located in historic downtown Colfax, far from any major highway or freeway, and caters to the taste of the locals, without any outside influence.  There are even a couple of small tables outside on the sidewalk, so you can dine and enjoy the "goings on" of the Colfax locals.

Photo:  The dining room is quite small, with a few tables, and a "bar" that faces the front window.  This isn't a sit-down restaurant, per se, as you make your choice from the menu, posted on wall, order at the counter, pay for your meal, and seat yourself.  If you order coffee, it's serve yourself.  However, it's not "fast food," as your food is cooked to order, and your food is brought to you by Meagan, the friendly gal who was working the counter today.

Photo:  Printed menu, what printed menu?  The menu is posted on the wall, written on a black board.  You check out the menu, make your selection, and place your order at the nearby counter.  The coffee jugs are on the table, to the right of the menu.

Photo:  On this early Tuesday morning, September 23, 2014, there were two staff members in the restaurant. Meagan, who worked the counter, delivered meals, and provided customer service, and Mario, the chef, shown in the photo, warming up a bagel in the microwave oven.  Mexican music was playing the background, and Mario sang along with the music, and greeted several customers in Spanish.  Of course, this gave me the opportunity to use my Spanish, which was a lot of fun!

Photo:  Meagan delivers my breakfast to the counter, where I was sitting.  The counter is in the front of the restaurant, and faces Depot and Main Streets outside, and provides a great view of the early morning activities of Colfax residents.  My white Ford F-250 truck is visible through the window.

Photo:  I asked Meagan to snap my photo, with my breakfast, which she did, but where is the top of my head?  

Photo:  My breakfast on the counter, looking outside at the intersection of Depot and Main Streets, in Colfax.  The former Southern Pacific Railroad depot is very visible in the photo; it is now property of the City of Colfax, and houses the Chamber of Commerce, along with business and tourist activities.  No, it's not foggy weather, it's smoke drifting in from the massive "King" wildfire, about 40 miles to the southeast.

Photo:  I ordered the "Eric's Ranchero" breakfast from the Breakfast Plate section of the menu.  My breakfast included scrambled eggs, black beans, rice, corn tortillas, avocado, along with fresh, in-house made salsa, garnished with cheese and sour cream.  The breakfast was delicious, wholesome, and made with fresh ingredients, and was quite satisfying.  However, I prefer typical "greasy spoon," diner cuisine, and this breakfast did not fit that category.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the friendly people, and the "folksy" decor.  I'm not much of a pastry person, and most of the menu choices way to "foo-foo" for me, as I prefer straight, "in-your-face" diner cuisine.  That being said, Cafe Luna serves a delicious breakfast, and they fulfil their primary mission, which is to cater to the tastes of the Colfax locals.  You can truly say, "Mission accomplished!"

Cafe Luna
5 Depot St.
Colfax, CA 95713
530 346-8833

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