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Childs Meadow Resort is located about 10 miles outside the southwest entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park, and offers rustic accomodations, hunting, fishing, a small store, and, SURPRISE!  ... They serve an outstanding breakfast!

Photo:  Childs Meadow Resort is located a few miles outside the southwest entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park, and offers a store, RV camping, cabins, and most of all... FOOD at the Cafe!  The restaurant is located inside the store, and it offers comfortable inside and outside dining.

Photo:  On this late Sunday morning, August 17, 2014, the dining room was filled with locals, and folks staying at the resort, and the major topic of conversation was deer hunting, which was due to start in this area in a couple of weeks.  Rustic, to say the least!

Photo:  The menu reads, "Breakfast in the Meadow," which sounds good on this late Sunday morning.  I decided to go "vegetarian," so I chose the "Chuck Wagon Breakfast," which didn't include any meat.  OK, I'll confess, I wasn't really very hungry.

Photo:  Co-owner of the resort, Dottie, who waits tables, takes orders, and "persons" the cash register, which serves the restaurant and the store, seems a bit surprised as I fire off my digital camera.  The format in the restaurant works this way:  You walk in the front door, and grab a menu from the counter.  You tell Dottie if you're dining inside, or outside, and what you want to drink... COFFEE!!!  She brings your drink, you place your order, and soon, your delicious breakfast arrives.  I love the rustic atmosphere that Childs Meadows Resort offers.  The entrance to the kitchen is at the extreme right of the photo.

Photo:  After I placed my order, I poked my camera inside the door to the kitchen to take an existing light photo of the cook preparing my order.  I wish I'd asked this guy his name, as he should be nominated as the best breakfast guy in this part of Tehama County!

Photo:  Co-owner of the resort, server, and nice person, Dottie, delivers my breakfast.  Due to the wonderful weather on this late Sunday morning in mid-August, I decided to dine outdoors.  Dottie kept my coffee cup filled with her wonderful coffee.  My iPhone 5 sits on the table, as I'd been taking notes of my breakfast experience at Childs Meadow Resort when my breakfast arrived, and surprised me.  More on the details of my breakfast in the last photo...  Note the quad at the rear of the photo, which is standard transportation at this fine resort.

Photo:  Graciously, Dottie snapped my photo, as I was about ready to enjoy the best breakfast on the west side of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Photo:  I decided to go vegetarian, so I ordered the "Chuck Wagon Breakfast," which includes two eggs, cooked any style, home style potatoes or hash browns, and toast.  For and extra fifty cents, I ordered salsa, why not?  As always, I ordered my eggs cooked over easy, and... note in the photo, the eggs are cooked PERFECTLY.  You could not even dream of eggs over easy cooked better than these.  I ordered sourdough toast, and it was toasted to perfection, and just oozed melted, REAL butter.  Wow!  The best part of the meal was the has browns, as they were cooked golden and crispy on the outside, but a little tender inside, which equates to PERFECTION!  This breakfast was about 10-times better than I had expected, and after paying for my meal, I presented my compliments to Dottie, and then barged into the kitchen to pay my compliments to the chef.  This breakfast was simply OUTSTANDING, and one of the best that I've enjoyed in a long time.

Caveat:  The cook has Monday and Tuesday off, so if you're planning on enjoying delicious dining at Childs Meadow Resort on Monday or Tuesday, get ready to enjoy canned food, as offered at the store.  Or, you could always make the short drive to Lassen Park, to enjoy delicious food at Lassen Cafe and Gift.  Just saying...

I must admit that I was totally surprised at the quality, presentation, the price, and the EVERYTHING about my the delicious breakfast I enjoyed at Childs Meadows Resort.  I was so dazzled and amazed that after I paid for my meal, I "almost" barged my way into the kitchen to compliment the chef, but Dottie didn't mind, as things are very informal, and low-key at this fine restaurant.  If you're looking for an outstanding breakfast, and if you're near the southwest entrance to Lassen Volcanic National Park, look no further than Childs Meadow Resort.

Childs Meadow Resort
41500 CA 36
Mill Creek, CA 96061
530 595-3383

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