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Every second Tuesday of the month, a group of retired employees of Pacific Bell, the precursor company to AT&T, get together to enjoy a great breakfast, fine company, and to chit-chat, about practically anything other than the good ol' days of working for the phone company.  The restaurant of choice is Coco's Bakery Restaurant, at the corner of Sunrise and Madison Ave. in Citrus Heights... Coco's is a great breakfast choice!

Photo:  Coco's Bakery Restaurant, "A West Coast Legend Since 1948," is located along busy Madison Ave. in Citrus Heights, which is near the state capitol, Sacramento.

Photo:  You walk in the front door, and you pause at the "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, and one of the friendly folks will seat you at a table or a booth.  If you prefer to dine at the counter, there is a large counter facing the kitchen.  Note the two chairs on the end which can be easily removed to accommodate wheelchair users... that's a nice touch.

Photo:  Our friendly server, takes our orders.  Ric waves his hand to my camera, and says "Hi mom, Hi dad!"  We were a rather large and noisy group, so we were seated in a private dining room.

Photo:  Our super friendly server, Julie, poses with a portion of our gigantic breakfast order.  Julie is friends with the "organizer" of our group, Marilyn, and prior to the meeting, Marilyn sends Julie an email letting Julie know how many attendees to expect, and Julie makes the necessary accommodation.   This was my first breakfast with the group, and I asked Marilyn if the group is usually this large, and she said it's usually more like 10 people.  Wow!

Photo:  There were a total of eighteen of us, and Julie, by herself, took care of all of us!  Not only did she keep the food and the coffee coming, but she served us with a smile.  

Photo:  Coco's breakfast menu offers a wide variety of choices, ranging from elegant, like my San Diego Sunrise Breakfast, to a down-home biscuits and gravy plate.  On the elegant end of the scale, the San Diego Sunrise Breakfast features seasoned ground chuck, topped with two poached eggs, Chipotle Hollandaise, tomato, green onions, and fresh avocado.  It's served with three Denver potato pancakes, and the choice of pancakes, muffin or toast.  I chose my favorite toast, buttered sourdough toast.  This is a delicious breakfast!

Photo:  The Tuesday, August 14, 2012 group of retired Pacific Bell telephone employees.  You who you are, so I won't mention any names, but Eric Rench, your author and photographer, is the guy wearing the hat.  With the exception of Ann's granddaughter, I've known and worked with this group of people since about 1995.  As of this writing, I'm the only active employee of AT&T, but I will be joining these fine folks in retirement very soon.

Coco's Bakery Restaurant serves a great breakfast, and their restaurant is a perfect gathering place for a group like ours.  I highly recommend breakfast at Coco's...

Coco's Bakery Restaurant
7887 Madison Ave.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
916 966-0707

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