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If you love the great outdoors as much as I do, and if you're a resident of El Dorado County, California, you're most likely familiar with the small town of Georgetown, as it's a magnet that attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over Northern California.  Hunting, fishing, camping, white water rafting, you name it, along with the fact the town is the headquarters of the world famous Rubicon Trail.  (Yes, I've driven the trail.)  Georgetown is also home to the Corner Kitchen, which according to many "Yelpers" is one of the best restaurants in El Dorado County.  If you're looking for an amazing breakfast, with a little bit of lunch on the side, Corner Kitchen is YOUR restaurant!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's nearly 11 in the morning on Tuesday, February 05, 2019, and I've arrived at Corner Kitchen looking to enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast.  Read my review, and you'll note that I've definitely found the right restaurant.

Note the historic building, dating from the days when Georgetown was a mining center in El Dorado County, California.  Today, the small foothill town is a thriving jumping-off point to enjoy the countless outdoor recreation opportunities in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo:  The dining room is very compact - dare I describe it as tiny? - and features an open kitchen.  The counter, which accounts for most of the seating, is "L-shaped" and faces the counter then wraps around the back of the restaurant. To the left of the photo, and mostly out of the photo are two large tables that seat six or eight diners. Sorry, I forgot to count.  That's IT when it comes to tables!  This is the view as you enter the front door.

Note the rustic decor and the model trains.  The furniture is old and dated, and the stool I sat on wiggled and squeaked, but that only added to the rural, wonderful, dining experience.

The photo really doesn't show it, but with the exception of a few stools on the counter, the small restaurant was packed nearly full of hungry diners, mostly Georgetown locals.  There was a chef and a wait person working - that was all - but they did a marvelous job of keeping everything running smoothly.  Needless to say they were busy, and didn't have time for pleasant conversation.  I definitely understand, as serving customers is more important than me pestering them with endless questions.

Photo:  Corner Kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch, and breakfast is served any time the restaurant is open.  If you're as serious about breakfast as I am, you've come to the right restaurant!  This is the "Specials" side of the menu, as more or less "regular" diner cuisine is on the other side.  There is one page to lunch menu, which features mostly sandwiches and burgers.  As it was just a little past 11 in the morning when I placed my order, I almost went with a burger, but when I saw a breakfast plate, and the huge amount of hash brown potatoes on the plate, I just "had" to order breakfast.

Photo:  There is nothing more endearing to my heart and appetite than a restaurant that showcases an open kitchen, and the kitchen at Corner Kitchen is definitely open, so can watch the chef prepare your meals.  

Note the printed orders, placed above the range, as orders are written by hand on an order tablet, just the way it was done when I was a kid, back in the 1960's.  The system works, so why not use it?  Corner Kitchen is definitely "old school."

I watched in awe as she grabbed a HUGE handful of hash brown potatoes from a bin next to the oven and placed them on the griddle.  She's got talent, as she uses a spatula which each hand, and is a master at "multi-tasking" as she has many things happening at the same time.  Unfortunately, because the restaurant was so busy, I didn't have time to get her name.

Photo:  Since I was sitting at the counter, near the open kitchen, when my order was ready, she simply plated it and placed it in front of me.  Despite the fact the restaurant was full, and very busy, my order arrived about 15 minutes after placing it.  Thanks to the fact that she caught me off-guard, and the bright window behind her, the photo worked out to be less than ideal.

Photo:  I checked out the "Specials" side of the breakfast menu, but I just couldn't resist ordering from the "Two Egg Breakfast" portion of the menu.

For starters, you get two eggs cooked any way you choose.  Also you get to choose between hash brown potatoes or country fried potatoes.  You get to choose between several varieties of toast or a biscuit.

If you choose to add meat, your choices are bacon, ham, Canadian bacon, Polish sausage, sausage links, a beef patty, country sausage or Linguica.

I couldn't resist the hash brown potatoes, or Polish sausage, and I ordered my eggs cooked over easy, which is my de facto standard.  Oh the hash brown potatoes!  I though I'd died and gone to "hash brown heaven," as they were SO GOOD, and there were lots of them!  The sausage was cooked perfectly, along with the eggs.  You can always judge a breakfast chef by the way they cook eggs over easy, and this chef definitely knows a thing or two about breakfast.  This breakfast was delicious!  

Photo:  Unfortunately, my toast arrived a few minutes after my meal, which to me isn't a problem, as I generally prefer to use my toast last, to mop of every crumb from my plate.  The wait was worth it, as the sourdough toast was thick, hot, and featured lots of melted butter.  I didn't use the jelly, as I prefer only butter.

Photo:  Thanks to a fellow diner sitting next to me at the counter for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfat at Corner Kitchen.

The dining room is small, the furnishings are dated and rustic, and the restaurant can get very crowded and noisy during busy times.  But the food... oh the food!  You can't go wrong with the amazing cuisine served at Corner Kitchen, and the rustic dining room simply enhances the enjoyable dining to be enjoyed!

Georgetown Corner Kitchen
6265 Main Street
Georgetown, CA 95634
530 333-1630

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