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Wednesday, June 24, 2013, I met a long-time family friend for my first ever sushi experience!  Today, my friend Faith Young broke me into sushi at Crazy Sushi, in Elk Grove.  Woo hooo!!!!

Photo:  Crazy Sushi is located in a very modern, upscale, outdoor mall, with lots of beautiful landscaping.  It's located in a section of the mall that contains many restaurants, including a Hawaiian barbeque place that I'd like to visit some day.

Photo:  In true Japanese fashion, the kitchen is open, so you can watch your sushi chefs at work.  The clean, modern restaurant features many tables, and seating at the bar.  At 1100 in the morning, we were the only customers, but by the time we left at noon, the restaurant was packed.

Photo:  Here come the first two sushi rolls.  Our waitress was friendly, and full of smiles, but she was very hesitant about giving me her name, so I didn't press the subject.

Photo:  Between the three of us, we order four sushi rolls - the fourth has yet to come - but the variety escapes me, as I'm a total novice when it comes to sushi.  I let Faith do all the ordering, with lots of input from her son, Jordan. I especially enjoy the hot variety with the jalapeņo pepper slices on top.

Photo:  I had never eaten sushi before, so Faith showed me the ropes.  First, she had me remove a couple of pieces from the rolls an place them on a small, flat plate.  Then, she instructed me to place some green wasabi paste, which she told me is Japanese horseradish in a small, flat bowl, and then mix in a helping of thin, fish slices, and finally, douse the mixture with a helping of soy sauce, and mix it all together, until it forms a sort of paste.  Then, the idea is to use the mixture to dip your sushi roll into, using chopsticks.  I had never used chopsticks before, but she showed me how to hold them, and maneuver them around the sushi, and ultimately into my mouth.  I tried it a few times, gave up, and went over the kitchen and obtained a fork.  I know, I know, sushi isn't the same unless it's eaten in the traditional way, but I seem to lack the motor and coordination skills to handle chopsticks.  By the way, Faith's son, Jordan, knows his way around chopsticks like a pro!

Photo: Today's "happy camper" sushi diners, your author, Eric Rench, longtime family friend Faith Young, and her son Jordan.  Both Faith and her son are seasoned sushi professionals.

Now I understand why so many people rave about sushi, as it's a lot of fun, and it's just plain good!  I'll be back for more...

Crazy Sushi
7419 Laguna Blvd. Ste. 140
Elk Grove, CA 95758
916 691-2228

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