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Located on West Capitol Avenue, just west of downtown West Sacramento, CA, El Puerto Mexican Restaurant #3 is number one, in a small chain of two Mexican restaurants, located in the greater Sacramento area.  You'll be treated to authentic, delicious Mexican cuisine, served by friendly staff, in a beautiful dining room.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's early Friday afternoon, July 26, 2019, and I've arrived at El Puerto Mexican Restaurant, and am looking forward to enjoying a delicious lunch.  I'd just spent a couple hours hiking along the "Barge Trail," at the Port of West Sacramento, and enjoying a view of the recent arrival of the bulk carrier "Western Miami."

Photo:  I walked into a dining that was about half seated, as I'd arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon, well past the peak lunch hour.  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted at the meet/greet/cashier station, and if the restaurant is busy, the "greeter" will seat you.  Since the dining room wasn't busy on this early Friday afternoon, I simply seated myself.

Photo:  A white board at the "meet/greet" station has the daily specials posted.  You know... I've never developed a taste for flan, so I browsed the menu rather than order a special of the day.

Photo:  The main dining room is very comfortable, squeaky clean, and the furniture is mostly tables, with a few booths.  I sat at the rear of the dining room, with my back turned toward the attractive painted mural on the wall. There is also a smaller dining room to the right of the cashier's station, not shown in the photo.

Photo:  The "Combinations" section of the lunch menu offers a nearly any Mexican combination dish that you could dream of.  Another page of the menu offers menudo on Friday and Saturday... Since it was Friday, oh did I ever have a hard decision to make, but in the end, #24 from the menu won out.

Photo:  The kitchen isn't really "open," so to speak, but you'll get a view when you head into the overflow dining room.  I definitely love taking photos or restaurant kitchens.

Photo:  When it comes to "goodness" at El Purerto Mexican Restaurant, this photo really tells it all.  You just have to love a icy-cold Pacifico beer in a frosty glass, in-house-made salsa, fresh tortilla chips, and the attractive cover of the menu. Salud!

Photo:  Meet Gabriel, my super-friendly server who brought my lunch to me with a smile.  Service is f-a-s-t... as my lunch was ready in less than 10 minutes after placing my order!  This isn't "fast" food, this is custom-cooked, delicious Mexican cuisine, delivered fresh and hot from the kitchen.

Photo:  Thanks, Gabriel, for snapping my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy a delicious lunch at El Puerto.  Note that I have chips, salsa, and a nearly full glass of beer on the table, which is a testament to the speedy service.

Photo:  From the "Combinations" section of the lunch menu, I went with #24, which is a Chilie Relleno, soft taco, along with rice and beans.  When it comes to the taco, you get to choose between chicken or beef, and the carnivore in me chose beef.  As a side note, all combination meals come with rice and beans.  The chips, house-salsa, and the icy-cold Pacifico beer add a nice touch to this fabulous lunch!

The "Combinations" menu describes the #24 as, "One chilie relleno and one chicken or beef soft fried taco."  The top of the "Combinations" menu reads, "Combinations are served with homemade rice and refried beans."  Can you spell "winner" in any language, especially Spanish?

I chose this combination because it had been many months since I'd enjoyed a chilie relleno, and I always enjoy a fried taco of any variety, and I can't resist beef, although I adore chicken.  The relleno was what I assume to be an Anaheim chili pepper, stuffed with cheese, battered, deep fried, and covered with sauce, and more cheese.  Such goodness!  It was tasty, cut with a fork, and each bite melted in your mouth.  

The taco started with a medium size corn tortilla that was lightly fried, stuffed with meat and vegetables, and actually held together when you bit into it, and didn't break into pieces.  That's a HUGE bonus for a delicious taco! The ground beef - not really authentic to Mexico - was fried perfectly, and the lettuce, diced tomato, were fresh and crisp, and the taco was garnished with lots of shredded Mexican cheese.  Such a great taco!

The in-house made refried beans were simply delicious, and the yummy Mexican rice really helped to absorb all of the sauce, juice, cheese, and everything that made this a great lunch!  The Pacifico beer, along with the chips and salsa rounded out an outstanding meal at El Puerto Mexican Restaurant.

El Puerto serves delicious Mexican cuisine, and if you're in a hurry to enjoy your wonderful lunch, set your stopwatch after ordering, and tick off 10 minutes, and your server will have it on your table, ready to enjoy.  Delicious Mexican cuisine, lightning fast service, and friendly staff, make El Purerto Mexican Restaurant #3 a great place to enjoy an amazing lunch, on West Capitol Avenue, in West Sacramento, CA.

El Puerto Mexican Restaurant #3
2248 West Capitol Ave.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
916 372-3841

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