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My friend and co-worker, and fellow "foodie," Teri and I had been talking about tamales for several days, and since we had to work the weekend, we decided to enjoy tamales on Saturday night.  Teri told me about La Flor Pupusas Grill, which features Mexican and Salvadorian cuisine, and since I'd never had the chance to savor the cuisine of El Salvador, I was eager to pay the restaurant a visit.


Photo:  La Flor Pupusas Grill is located in a small shopping center on Fulton Ave., which is Sacramento's "auto row."  Tonight it's Saturday, April 28, 2012, and we're going to enjoy Salvadorian cuisine!


Photo:  The format is that you walk up to the counter, and make your choice from the menu, posted above the counter.  Then, you place your order, pay for it, and make your choice of salsa:  hot or mild.  You take your bowl of salsa, choose a table, and then go over to the chip station, grab chips, and sit at your table, munching on chips and salsa, until your order is brought to the table.  Rather than ordering fountain drinks, Teri and I ordered bottled drinks, so she's grabbing our drinks from the cooler.


Photo:  Teri places her order at the counter.  The kitchen can be seen through the open door and the window behind the counter gal.  We were at work tonight, and it's a good thing that La Flor Pupusas Grill is only a 5-minute drive from work, as our lunch break is only 30 minutes.  Tonight, things were slow at work, so we lingered a bit over the 30 minutes...


Photo:  Teri's dinner of Salvadorian rice, a bean and cheese pupusa, and a Mexican chicken tamale.  La Flor serves Mexican food, but it's the cuisine of southern Mexico which is very different from the food that I'm used to during my travels in Baja California.  I sampled a bit of Teri's dinner, and I can assure you this is good food!


Photo:  I ordered two pork and cheese pupusas, which came with a side dish of pickled cabbage - Salvadorian kim chee? I also ordered a Salvadorian pork tamale, which came wrapped in banana leaves, along with another bowl of mild salsa.  The pupusas were delicious, as they're basically like a gordito, which is a soft, chewy tortilla stuffed with cheese and pork.  The Salvadorian tamale as larger than a Mexican version, and the dough was much moister, and, of course, it was wrapped in banana leaves, rather than corn husks.  This dinner was great!


Photo:  After the counter gal delivered our order to the table, I asked her to snap our photo, which she gladly did. All photos in this article were taken with my iPhone 4, which is always with me.  The gal really wasn't very familiar with iPhones, hence the somewhat blurry photo; but it was kind of her to snap our photo.

Tonight was my first venture into the cuisine of El Salvador, and I must say that it's good!  I can't wait to try other items on the menu...

La Flor Pupusas Grill
2440 Fulton Ave. #15
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 487-1549

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