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You want to go "British" in Sacramento?  Are you looking for a "British pub" in Sacramento?  Well... if you're looking to go "British" in Sacramento, for fine dining, you've arrived at the right restaurant, Fox and Goose, located in midtown Sacramento, CA.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 01:00 in the afternoon, Saturday, October 14, 2020, and we've arrived at Fox and Goose, located in midtown Sacramento, CA, to enjoy some of the best British cuisine in Northern California.  The restaurant is located in a former warehouse, just south of downtown, in what used to be a warehouse district.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a friendly "greeter," who will seat you, and give you a warm welcome.  Since the weather on this early Saturday afternoon was in the very pleasant low 80's, we requested a table outside on the upper level of the patio - no alcohol is allowed on the lower level - and since the restaurant was quite busy, we were advised there would be a 20-minute wait.  The "greeter" took my cell number, and my name, and told that I'd receive a text message when our table was ready.

Photo:  My friend and dining companion, Adrienne," waits outside on the comfortable patio, with a great view of the happenings on "R" street, in historic, midtown Sacramento.


Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, the full-service bar will grab your attention, where there are many British beers on tap, in the bottle, or in the can, and every type of mixed drink you can imagine is served.  The restaurant and bar are housed in a historic, brick, former warehouse.

Photo:  The full service bar is the centerpiece of the main dining room, with tables lining the brick walls.

Photo:  As you walk past the bar, you enter another dining room, which is paneled with dark wood, as in the style of an English pub.  Note the wood floors and the 1920-period light fixtures, from the building's former warehouse days.

Photo:  The walls are decorated with many posters, many of which feature a British beer theme...

Photo:  The kitchen is located behind the bar, and as I walked by, I got a glimpse into the kitchen, and the staff hard at work.

Photo:  View of the "main" dining room, around the corner from the bar.  It's decorated with bricks and dark wood paneling, potted plants, posters, and sports a light, airy feel, thanks to the natural light from the many windows.

Photo:  The "Breakfast" menu features all of your breakfast favorites.  Note the listings under both "Traditional" and "Pub Grills," which is definitely a "touch of Britain" in Sacramento.  Since it's early Saturday afternoon, breakfast is still being served.

Photo:  After placing our breakfast orders with our server, Krissy, we ordered a couple pints of Guniess Stout and were treated to the company of friendly Melissa.

Photo:  On this early Saturday afternoon in mid-October, the patio features truly pleasant dining.  We had the option to dine indoors, but since the weather was so beautiful, we opted to dine outside.  My friend and I agree that food always tastes better when enjoyed outside!

The patio is divided into an upper, and a lower level, both shaded and comfortable.  Electric lights have been strung for after-dark dining.  Alcohol can only be enjoyed on the upper level of the patio, since there is a small fence that separates it from the street, as per state law.  The lower level is actually on the sidewalk, next to the city street, so no alcohol is allowed on the lower level.

Photo:  After sipping our beers for around 20 minutes, and enjoying great conversation, our breakfasts were delivered to our table by friendly Stewart.

Photo:  My friend and fellow food enthusiast, Adrienne and I cozy up, as we enjoy our Guinness Stouts, and are ready enjoy our amazing breakfast, at Fox and Goose.

Back on Friday, April 07, 2009, the now defunct Sacramento Breakfast Club enjoyed a breakfast at Fox and Goose. Click on THIS LINK to relive our breakfast, on that now distant day.

Photo:  We weren't in a hurry, as we were enjoying the beautiful afternoon, each other's company, and the amazing meal, so halfway through breakfast, we ordered another round of beer.  Adrienne ordered a Southwick's Irish Ale, and I ordered an Old Speckled Hen, as I'd never even heard of that beer before, and was curious to give it a try, considering the exotic name.  Our beer was delivered to our table by Aaron, who happened to be tending the bar.

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" menu, my "foodie" friend and dining companion, Adrienne, ordered the "Benedict Arnold," accompanied by a Guinness Stout beer, and later a Southwick's Irish Ale. The menu offers several options when it comes to meat, but since my friend is a lover of corned beef, she went in that direction.  This breakfast has everything that she loves the most!

The menu describes the "Benedict Arnold" as, "Our version of this classic consists of two poached eggs and your choice of Canadian bacon, bacon, house-roasted corned beef hash, tempeh strips, OR tomatoes, on an English muffin, served with Welsh rarebit cheese-sauce, and English country potatoes.  (red and russet potatoes, grilled with onions and bell peppers)... OR fresh fruit."  Like me, Adrienne is a "trooper," so she went with the potatoes.

She and I have eaten many meals together, so we usually "share" our meals communally, so I got a sample of everything on her plate - she got a sample of mine - and the "Benedict Arnold" breakfast is simply amazing.  I especially loved the in-house-made corned beef, as it was tender, flavorful and tasted the way great corned beef is supposed to taste.  Add a bite of corned beef to a bite of tender English muffin, and you're in for a breakfast treat.

I dipped some of the banger from my breakfast into the Welsh rarebit cheese which made for a true dipping sensation.  We didn't have to cross the "pond" to enjoy such a superior British breakfast!

Photo:  The "Benedict Arnold" breakfast, up close and delicious.  Fox and Goose is an outstanding restaurant, and produces the best British breakfast that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  The restaurant is truly a Sacramento icon!

Photo:  From the "Breakfast" section of the menu, I went with the "Full English Breakfast," which is a traditional "comfort food" breakfast served in the U.K., especially on holidays and weekends.

The menu describes the breakfast as, "This classic includes two eggs, grilled banger, bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and authentic Heintz baked beans, served with your choice of toast."  How could I resist such a breakfast, especially on this early Saturday afternoon, at an British-style pub in Sacramento?

Both the two thick slices of bacon and the banger were grilled to perfection.  What is a banger you ask?  It's a traditional British sausage, that contains much more wheat filling than American sausages, which lend the banger a distinctive taste.  Both the sausage and the bacon were tender, juicy and simply delicious.  The bacon was cooked perfectly to my liking - although I didn't specify to our hostess my preference - as it was not crispy or "rubbery..." it was just the way I liked it.

The Heintz baked beans reminded me much of pork and beans, as they had a sweetness about them.  I simply adore beans for breakfast, and the baked beans made a perfect side to the meat.  The sliced mushrooms and tomato were grilled, like the meat, to perfection, and along with the beans, enhanced this amazing breakfast.  

The mark of a talented breakfast chef is to cook eggs to perfection, in my case, over easy, which is my de facto standard way of enjoying eggs at breakfast.  My eggs arrived as ordered, cooked perfectly over easy... the chef at Fox and Goose definitely has talent.

The English muffin arrived warm from the toaster, buttered and delicious.  I kept it for the end of the meal to sop up the bean sauce that was left over.  Delicious!

The pint of Guinness Stout beer went over well with the breakfast, and later a pint of Old Speckled Hen made the meal even better.

Photo:  You're getting a great look at my "Full English Breakfast," as I turned the plate around to get a better look at the sliced mushrooms and grilled tomato.  This breakfast was simply amazing!  If you've never had the chance to enjoy a "Full English Breakfast," you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Fox and Goose, located in midtown Sacramento, CA.

The dark wood of the dining room mirrors the ménage of a British pub, not to mention the bar, the high ceilings, and the friendly service. If you want to savor the cuisine of Britain, yet you don't want to journey across the "pond," check out Fox and Goose, located in midtown Sacramento.  Authentic British cuisine, served in a "London pub" atmosphere, by friendly staff.  Great "British" dining in midtown Sacramento...

Fox and Goose
1001 "R" Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
916 443-8825

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