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OK, I'll admit that I'm a "foodie," and I like everything associated with food.  Of course, I love unique operations, and I admit that I love to watch Food Network on television, especially, Guy Fieri's, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Gatsby's Diner was featured on Food Network, so when the opportunity arose, how could we resist paying a visit to a local restaurant, that has been featured on national television, and has become a local favorite?  We couldn't resist the urge to enjoy one of Sacramento's best burgers...

Photo:  Gatsby's Diner is located on the corner of Fulton Ave. and Alta Arden Expressway, and offers ample free, safe parking.  

Photo:  As you enter Gatsby's Diner, you're greeted with a cheery diner atmosphere, and a board that announces the special of the day.  The decor is pure "Americana," and it's comfortable, informal and very friendly.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Danielle, brings our drink orders to the table with a smile!  When I mentioned to her that I planned to take a few photos, and publish our dining experience on our web site, she and the rest of the staff really opened up to me!  I love photos when staff clowns for the camera!  My wife, Sharlene, enjoys the moment as well.

Photo:  The kitchen at Gatsby's Diner is open... and it's located in the middle of the restaurant!  It's just like in a Tijuana loncheria, where you can watch the chef in action, talk with him, swap lies, laugh, and, perhaps most important, watch him craft your meal out of fresh ingredients.  Yes you can, at Gatsby's!!!  Chef Jared grills burger patties and diced onions for our meal.

Photo:  The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant!  Since I'm a dedicated "foodie," it was quite an experience for me to watch our meal being cooked, and to watch the care, love, and "fun" that Chef Jerad put into our meal. Photo is from the extreme rear of the restaurant, looking towards the front door.  We basically opened up the restaurant, on this Wednesday, January 09, 2013 morning, so the place wasn't packed.  The crowds arrived later...

Photo:  Chef Jared places the finishing touch on our order of burgers.  You are able to watch the evolution of your meal, from start to finish, and chat with Jared as he prepares your meal.  I'm not exactly shy, so I got a kick out of chatting with Jared, and following every step of the preparation of our meal.  He told me that he really loves the interaction between himself and the diners, as he prepares the meals.  As I mentioned before, Gatsby's Diner reminds me of a small restaurant in Tijuana, where you can actually watch your meal prepared, and chat with the person who is making it.  That's a compliment!!!

Photo:  Our super-friendly server Danielle brings Bill and Eileen's burgers and chips to our table.

Photo:  I ordered a "Jake's Cowboy Burger," which starts, like all burgers at Gatsby's, as an 8-oz patty placed on top of two grilled buns.  My burger included onion rings, bacon, cheese, onion, mayonnaise and mustard.  Jake's is a very western, cowboy burger, as it's juicy, and includes lots of barbecue sauce!!!  The meat is cooked to your specifications, and Gatsby's basically has four levels of burger temperatures, ranging from "medium rare" to "well."  All four of us chose "medium well" for the degree of "finish" of our burgers.  Sides include a healthy green salad, golden fries or house-made chips.  The chips come in three varieties:  Regular, garlic and barbecued.  I waffled between fries or chips, but I said, "What the heck, I'll go with chips..."  Next decision:  What variety of chips?  Gatsby's Diner makes is simple, if you're sitting on the fence:  They give you to option of order all three varieties of chips, which is exactly what I did!  Awesome!

Photo:  Sharlene order a "Blood Orange" burger, which is a "special" item on the winter menu.  Gatsby's Diner's menu features "special" burgers, made according to the season, and with ingredients indignant to the season. Like myself, Sharlene chose house-made chips, and she chose to mix and match them.

Photo:  We're all retired employees of AT&T!!!  Left to right:  Bill Neeley, Eileen Pfister, Sharlene Rench, and Eric Rench.  We're "foodies" and we know where to enjoy one of the best burgers in Sacramento:  Gatsby's Diner!

Gatsby's web site describes the cusine as, "American comfort food with a twist."  I couldn't agree more... Well stated!!!  Great food, great people, and great dining!  Gatsby's Diner servers a fantastic burger!  If you love burgers, you'll love Gatsby's Diner!

Gatsby's Diner
2598 Alta Arden Expressway #3
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 977-0102

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