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Cal Expo is held in late July, and the weather is usually HOT, with no exception of this Friday, July 25, 2014, as the temperature registered a balmy 100-degrees, exactly, when I ventured inside the air conditioned California Building to enjoy a delicious hot pastrami sandwich a Grinders.

Photo:  Grinders is located inside the air conditioned California Building, the building that features all of the exhibits from California's 58 counties, but not all of the counties participate.  But that's another story... Don't visit Grinders just to get out of the heat, as the restaurant features delicious, healthful cuisine that dispels the rumor of "fair food," and it's served by friendly staff, who love what they're doing, and strive to present a quality product.

Photo:  Grinders features hot and cold sandwiches, salads, drinks, and lots more, and I was drawn to their signature hot sandwich, pastrami.  Naturally I told the staff that I wanted EVERYTHING on it, as per my usual method of operation.

Photo:  Co-owner of the restaurant Marilyn Wellmon, and friendly staff member display my hot pastrami sandwich.  Not Marilyn wears a blue ribbon, indicative an award she received for serving outstanding food at her restaurant.  Grinders serves healthy, delicious, restaurant-quality food, and you will be able to find them every year in the same location at the California State Fair.  Make a point to visit Grinders, as the food is good, the price is reasonable, and the staff is very friendly.

Photo:  I pose for my photo, and cradle my delicious pastrami sandwich.  Note the ample seating in the background so you can enjoy your delicious meal in the air conditioned California Building at Cal Expo.

Photo:  Grinders motto is, "Always fresh, always delicious," and that's true with the pastrami sandwich that I ordered.  Note the HUGE amount of meat!  Yes, I love meat, but I love everything else, and since I'd ordered EVERYTHING, that's what I received, including mustard, relish, onions and mayonnaise.  The meat was perfectly coked and delicious, and there was a lot of it... YEAH!  Aside from the meat, the bun was fresh, chewy, and the condiments were applied in exactly the right amount, and complimented, rather than over powered the sandwich. Grinders serves a delicious pastrami sandwich!

The staff at Grinders is super friendly, and very efficient, and the co-owner, Marilyn Wellmon, is not only gracious, but a nice person, and a pleasure to chat with.  The food is delicious, and dispels the "fair food" connotation, as it rivals or exceeds the food found at any restaurant outside of the California State Fair.  Get out of the heat, and enjoy a delicious salad or sandwich at Grinders.

Wellmon Concessions Grinders
20171 Buck Ridge Rd.
Grass Valley, CA 95949
530 320-6952

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