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Huckleberry's is a small chain of restaurants, featuring, "Southern Cookin' with a California Twist," based in central California, but with expansion into southern California.  Just last month, November 11, 2019, the latest northern California location opened in Elk Grove, so I just had to check it out, and enjoy a "southern infused" lunch with my favorite "foodie" dining companion, who loves restaurants as much as I do.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little before 1:00 P.M.. on Monday, December 16, 2019, and we've arrived at Huckleberry's, new location, in Elk Grove, CA, to enjoy some "Southern cooking in a California twist."

Normally, I avoid chain restaurants, not because I don't like them, but when I spend my hard-earned dollars, I prefer to enjoy a "unique" dining experience.  Huckleberry's is a small chain of restaurants, based in central California, and expanding to southern California, and since the Elk Grove location just opened last month, I couldn't resist paying them a visit.  Plus, my friend had never enjoyed fried green tomatoes, and she wanted to give them a try.  Huckleberry's made a perfect "fit" for today's dining adventure...

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're treated to the dining room, which is mostly booths, but has tables on the other side of the "stage," which dominates the center of the large dining room.

Photo:  Looking towards the rear of the dining room, you'll notice the attractive paneling, the pictures on the wall, and the tables in the center, which provide great dining for large groups.

Photo:  On the other side of the center "stage" of the dining room, which is composed of booths under a roof, there's a dining room for large groups.  Huckleberry's has a unique dining room arrangement.

Photo:  The "Lunch" menu, along with the "Breakfast" menu, is available anytime the restaurant is open.  We went with "The Big Cheesy" burger, but we plan to visit again for breakfast - maybe at lunch time - as my friend and dining companion is interested in enjoying chicken fried steak.

Photo:  Placed above the booths, in the center of the dining room, "Mr. Alligator" shouts and asks, "Who's your Huckleberry?"  The answer is simple:  Huckleberry's, located in Elk Grove.

Photo:  We ordered from the "Snacks and Shareables" section of the menu a plate of "Fried Green Tomatoes," and less than ten minutes after placing our order, it was brought to our table by friendly Sam.  Our plate was considered an "appetizer," but it was a major section of our meal, as we share everything.

Photo:  From the "Snacks and Shareables" section of the menu, we ordered "Fried Green Tomatoes," which is an appetizer, but it was half of our lunch.  The menu describes this listing as, "Panko crusted and served with spicy ranch."  

My friend and dining companion, Adrienne, had never enjoyed this delicious dish, and was eager to indulge, so it was easy for us to order this, to split and share before our main entrée, "The Big Cheesy" arrived.  

You get five slices of crisp green tomatoes, breadded with panko crust, and perfectly deep fried to a delicious golden brown.  The ranch dressing seemed to have been sprinkled with chili power - that's a good thing - and made for excellent dipping.  We cut each tomato slice into several pieces, dipped it into the dressing, and simply enjoyed, while sipping Corona beers and waiting for our main meal to arrive.  Adrienne is now a confirmed lover of fried green tomatoes...

Photo:  Meet our super friendly host and server, Jazdeep, also known as "Josh," who brings our "The Big Cheesy" burger, along with a bowl of "Cajun Fries" to our table with a smile.  Great service, as our amazing burger and fries arrived about 20 minutes after placing our order, during the busy lunch time.

Josh was great, as he not only provided friendly, attentive, but "non-intrusive" service, but he and I got on to the subject of yesterday's N.F.L. football, and he sat down at our table, and he, Adrienne and I had quite a conversation about professional football, and the Oakland Raiders in particular.  Josh knows football!  Great host, and a great person!

Photo:  My "foodie" friend, dining companion, and all-around great person, Adrienne M. and I pose as we're ready to begin on "The Big Cheese," as we've already been working on "Fried Green Tomatoes."  Thanks to our friendly host, Josh, for taking the photo.

Photo:  From the "Bourbon Street Burgers" section of the lunch menu, we ordered "The Big Cheesey" burger, as we were splitting it, and it looked like a perfect burger to split between two "foodies."  We ordered the additional enhancement of bacon for a nominal $.99, and when it came to the fries, we upgraded them to "Cajun Style" for an additional $.99.  We decided to "go for it" in style!

How hungry are you?  If you have an appetite, I'm sure "The Big Cheesy" will satisfy you, as it's a BIG burger!  The menu describes it as "TWO burger patties and TWO slices of aged cheddar cheese."  That's an understatement, as like all of Huck's burgers, it comes with all of the fixin's and is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and Huck's "secret sauce."  It's a BIG burger, and is perfect to split between two hungry friends.

We cut the burger in half, took our separate pieces, and went from there.  The meat patties were cooked medium, to perfection - we didn't specify how we wanted our patties cooked - and were perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. The fresh bun was toasted and lightly buttered, and made the perfect foundation for the two beef patties, along with the two slices of melted, cheddar cheese.  The fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles were chilled, which combined with the warm beef, bun, and in our case... bacon... oh!  This burger was excellent!  All ingredients worked together to combine for a sensational burger taste sensation.  Oh yes, the optional bacon simply enhanced the burger, and made "The Big Cheesy" an outstanding addition to the Elk Grove, and greater Sacramento area burger scene.

All of the "Bourbon Street" burgers come with fries, but we decided to "up the ante" and order "Cajun Style" fries, complete with chili and cheese, for a nominal $.99 extra.  When you're enjoy a "southern style" lunch, why not go full "Cajun?"

Our order of "Cajun Style" fries arrived in a bowl, which was a new experience for both of us, as we'd never seen fries in a bowl before.  The fries are big, steak fries, perfectly fried to a light, golden brown on the outside, and fluffy tender inside.  The bowl of fries was topped with chili and melted cheddar cheese, which really added a "Cajun" dimension to our fries, and our lunch.  

The burger and fries, along with the plate of fried green  tomatoes, provided the two of us with a delicious and satisfying lunch.  It's a meal for two, and maybe a little more, as Adrienne took some of her share of the burger and fries home in a box, to enjoy for dinner.

Photo:  "The Big Cheesy," with optional bacon, showing the delicious two beef patties, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, along with the amazingly fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles.  This is a delicious "southern style" burger!

I'm a novice when it comes to southern cuisine, but I do know all about great food, and I know a superior burger when I wrap my lips around one, and Huckleberry's serves an amazing burger, "The Big Cheesy," and when you combine this fine burger with a plate of "Fried Green Tomatoes," it makes a filling lunch for two, with take-home for one.  Great burger, great fried tomatoes, and a totally great dining experience!  Huckleberry's, located in Elk Grove, CA, serves great southern cuisine, in the greater Sacramento area!

2745 Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA 95678
916 897-9261

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