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Tucked away in a small commercial row of mostly vacant suites, adjacent to a "big box" home improvement store, is a gem of a taqueria... Martha's Taqueria.  It's the sort of Mexican restaurant that I love, as the food is delicious, the staff is friendly, it features an all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar, and the atmosphere is informal.  Oh, did I mention DOLLAR street tacos on Tuesday?

Photo:  Martha's Taqueria is located in a small strip of mostly vacant commercial suites, along Roseville Road, near a major home improvement outlet.  This is the facade of the restaurant, which faces Roseville Road, but in reality, most of the traffic enters the door that faces the parking lot, and the big box store.  The address is officially listed as Sacramento, yet Martha's is actually located in Antelope, which is an unincorporated community in Sacramento County.  

Photo:  Like most taquerias, you walk in the door, place your order, pay for it, pick a seat, and your order is brought to your table.  Unlike most taquerias, Martha's doesn't have their menu posted above the order counter, as they actually have restaurant-style printed menus.  Today is late Tuesday morning, March 01, 2016, and it's "Taco Tuesday" at Martha's Taqueria, meaning that "street tacos" are only a dollar each, heavily discounted from the regular price of $1.99.

Photo:  After placing my order for tacos, and helping myself to the all-you-can-eat chips and salad bar, I took a photo of the dining room, which was already filling up, as this photo was taken at 20 past 11 in the morning.  By the time I left the restaurant, the place was packed.  Word of great food, great service, and dollar tacos really gets around...

Photo:  This gentleman is helping himself at the all-you-can-eat chips and salsa bar.  Martha's Taqueria features nearly a dozen varieties of fresh, in-house-made salsa, clearly labeled mild, medium or spicy.  The bar also features condiments, such as pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro and cut lime wedges.  The chips are kept warm under a heat lamp, but I noted that my chips were fresh, crisp, and not overly salted.  Note photos highlighting some of the restaurant's signature dishes posted on the wall above the salsa bar.

Photo:  As I was waiting for my meal to arrive, I couldn't help but to notice the guitars - especially the bass - displayed on the wall above the kitchen.  I asked my friendly server, Marisol, who happens to be the owner of the restaurant, who plays bass, and she told me that it was the chef.  My compliments to him, on his fine cooking, and his bass playing.

Photo:  "Taco Tuesday" at Martha's Taqueria, means dollar tacos!  Meet Marisol, who delivers my tacos with a friendly smile.  Marisol happens to be the owner of the restaurant, and is a very nice person, and her restaurant delivers authentic Mexican cuisine.

Photo:  Marisol was happy to snap my photos, as I begin a journey into "Taco Heaven" on this first day in March.

Photo:  The menu includes several varieties of "street tacos," but I decided to go for carnitas, as carnitas really will show what a Mexican restaurant is all about.  If you aren't familiar with the term "street tacos," they're small tacos, built on two corn tortillas, each about the size of a DVD.  These are common variety of tacos sold on the streets of most Mexican cities and towns, hence the name "street tacos."

As I mentioned, I ordered carnitas.  The tacos were built on two DVD-sized corn tortillas, perfectly toasted to remain chewy, yet flexible, so they wouldn't break when you attempt to eat the taco.  Each tortilla included a generous portion of carnitas, and the meat was a perfect mixture of soft and chewy, and fried crispy, just the way a good carnitas taco is supposed to be.  Each taco comes with onion and cilantro, but I ordered it "all," so my order included salsa verde.  Each taco is small, and it about four bites for me, but I ordered three of them, so the lunch was satisfying and filling.

At a dollar each, you just can't beat the price, and the quality is definitely worth the regular price of $1.99 each.  I might ad that the dollar price of "street tacos" on "Taco Tuesday" is about the price that you pay for a "street taco" from a small taco stand, on the streets of Tijuana or Mexicali, Mexico.  You can't beat the great deal!

I definitely enjoyed my wonderful lunch during "Taco Tuesday."  At a dollar each, delicious tacos are priced about what you'd pay on the streets of most Mexican towns and cities, which is an exceptional bargain north of the border. Martha's Taqueria delivers authentic, delicious Mexican cuisine, served by friendly people, in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.  When you're in the mood to improve your home, if it's after 11:00 in the morning, improve your lunch and pay a visit to Martha's Taqueria in Antelope.

Martha's Taqueria
7753 Roseville Rd. Ste. B
Sacramento, CA 95842
916 723-0717

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