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Their web site says, "It's the place that everybody's been talking about." I don't know about "everybody," but Mecca Club is quite a place, as it's a fun, friendly, neighborhood bar, and has a great daytime crowd...

Photo:  Yes, it's a "dive bar," but it's a neighborhood hang-out, and featues a really friendly atmosphere.  It's a favorite of the West Sacramento locals... excuse me, as the neighborhood is also known as Broderick.  But, whatever you call it, Mecca Club is a really friendly bar, and it's a fun place to "hang" with friends...

Photo:  Inside... yes, it's a dive bar, but it's friendly, the people are great, and the beer is cold.  What more could you ask?

Photo:  Our friendly bartendress, Mandy, pours a 30-oz Budweiser beer for us, so we can continue our party on this Saturday morning...

Photo:  OK, it's 0800 on Saturday, December 21, 2013, and this is how my friend Melonie and I started Saturday morning...  Bloody Mary drinks as hors d'oeuvre's before breakfast... good thing I remembered my High School French, so I could spell that correctly!  It's a good deal, as at Mecca Club, when you purchase the Bloody Mary drinks, your breakfast is on the house!

Photo:  I post with my friend Melanie Chadwell, as we enjoy Bloody Marys, and a breakfast of egg, chorizo and potato burritos.

Photo:  Saturday morning breakfast.  It's a "Bloody Mary" morning on this December Saturday... We purchased the delicious Bloody Mary drinks, and the burritoes were on the house!  Such a great deal!!!

They advertise the "coldest beer in town," and I can't attest to that, but the beer is good, the people are friendly, and Mecca Club is an absolutely great place to "hang" with friends...

Mecca Club
701 Sunset Ave.
West Sacramento, CA 95605
916 371-0538

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