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Deep fried seafood... does it get any better?  Reno's Fish & Chips, Inc., serves delicious fish and chips, and a whole lot more, every year at the California State Fair.

Photo:  You just can't beat the location of Reno's Fish & Chips, as it's next to the Promenade Stage, situated under the canopy that shades the stage and it's associated seating, and it's cooled by misting fans.  This has got to be one of the best locations for a fine restaurant that Cal Expo has to offer!  Perhaps, the fact that they've been involved with the California State Fair for the past 28 years has something to do with their great location.

Photo:  The three friendly "C's," refereed to by the owner, Mr. Ken McKnight as "my children," from left to right, Chanh, Cindy and Casey.  These counter staff folks are as friendly as it gets, and work together as a great team. They aren't camera shy, as they asked me to take their photo, and I was only too happy to oblige!  You can see the menu in the rear of the photo.

Photo:  As I was taking photos of the exterior of the restaurant, the owner, Ken McKnight approached me, introduced himself, and asked me what I thought of how his restaurant looked.  I told him I loved it, and planned to enjoy a plate of fish and chips later in the evening.  I told him about my web and Facebook exploits, and he offered a fish taco to me, "on the house!"  How could I resist?  As I took him up on his fine offer, super-friendly Cindy smiles, as Casey hold my fish taco.  Thanks, Ken!  The staff at Reno's Fish & Chips is BEYOND friendly... even me, as a hard-core veteran "foodie" and photographer was astounded at their friendliness.  

Photo:  I hang on to my fish taco for dear life, as per my request, Casey snaps my photo.  The Promenade Stage, with a musical act in progress, can be seen in the right background of the photo.

Photo:  Now, the question, "Does Reno's Fish & Chips, Inc.," make a good fish taco?  No, they don't make a "good" fish taco, as they make a SUPERIOR fish taco!  No, it's not a fish taco like you'd find at San Felipe, Mexico, but it's a fish taco that's as good as it gets.  The fish taco starts with a large, flour tortilla, with a BIG piece of battered, deep fried fish as the center attraction.  Garnishes include cabbage, tomato, pepper, and sour cream, with, I suspect, lime juice.  The fish is perfectly cooked, and, unlike most fish tacos, this taco is a meal, all by itself!  Oh, and it's soooo good!!!

As an afterthought, this was a fun article to write-up and publish, as the dining experience that I enjoyed at Reno's Fish & Chips, Inc., was one of the more memorable, and enjoyable dining experiences that I've enjoyed during visits to Cal Expo.  My only regret was that, at the end of the day, I was too full to enjoy a plate of their signature dish of fish and chips.  When you visit the California State Fair, do yourself a favor, and visit Reno's Fish & Chips, Inc.  Next year, a visit to this fine restaurant will be my first priority, as I can't wait to sample a plate of their fish and chips.  Next year....

Reno's Fish & Chips
1733 Kent Place
Vista, CA 92084
760 941-4866
[email protected]

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