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For months, my friend and co-worker Teri had been raving about Sam's Sub Shop, as she's a frequent customer, and she describes the subs that Sam's produces as "screamin' good."  Well, there's nothing more that I love than a quality sandwich, so when she suggested that we pay them a visit on Friday, August 5, 2011, I was all too happy to oblige.  


Photo:  Sam's Sub Shop is a one-of-a-kind, locally-owned-and-operated sort of operation, and at 1930 on this warm Friday evening, we're in the mood to enjoy delicious sub sandwiches!  As I mentioned before, Teri had been talking about eating dinner at Sam


Photo:  If you're a sports fan of baseball, football and basketball teams of Northern California, Sam's is the place for you, as the dining room is decorated with sports memorabilia, pennants, photos, posters and jerseys of most NorCal pro sports teams.  Check out the fireplace to the right of the photo, which is great for cold winter evenings, but on this warm August evening, Teri and I opted to dine outdoors.


Photo:  Sam's Sub Shop has their menu posted above the order counter, as well as printed menus that you can take home with you, as they offer a thriving take-out menu - like everything on the menu - and they will be more than happy to take phone orders.  My friend Teri and I are evening shift co-workers, and were on our lunch break, so Teri phoned in our orders in advance, so we basically walked in, paid for the orders, and took our delicious sandwiches back to work to enjoy.  This photo gives a good look into the kitchen, as the finishing touches are applied to our sandwiches.


Photo:  The counter gal - I think she's the owner of the restaurant, but I didn't get her name or her status... shame on me - takes Teri's hard-earned money, as Teri digs it out of her purse to pay for tonight's delicious dinner.  In addition to a couple of #17 sandwiches - more on that later - we ordered two large soft drinks, fries and onion rings.  You pay for the container and the drinks are free.  Yeah.... you purchase your soft drink cup at the register, and then the soda fountain is at your disposal.  Sam's features Pepsi products, which is a boon to me, but a letdown to Teri... but we're friends so what the heck?  Anyway, the "large" drinks are really GIANT sized... too bad we were on a time limit, as we had to rush back to work, so it was... quickly!  full your cup... put on lid.... juggle.... juggle.... back to work!


Photo:  Well, Teri and I are both working boys and girls, but we had a few minutes, so we decided to enjoy the warm August evening outside, at one of the concrete picnic tables at work.  I snapped Teri's photo with our dinner on the table... more on that in the next photo.  Notice the "large" size soft drinks, which, in the editor's humble opinion, are really giant-sized.  Well... whatever... but note the "regular" straw barely protrudes from my drink. Cheer-up Teri!  Don't look so glum... we only have four hours to go until we get off work at midnight!  Photo was taken in front of work, on one of the two concrete picnic tables, which is the only outside amenity that work provides.  We enjoyed our meal on the picnic table, in fron of work, on this warm summer evening, free of the never-ending phone calls that we steepled ourselves to face after enjoying this delicious meal.


Photo:  My dinner of a menu listing as "17" which is in reality a P & O Cheese Steak sandwich, along with fries, onion rings, and a container of ranch dressing to compliment the dipping pleasure of the onion rings.  The sandwich was hot, tasty, and delicious.  Forget the chain sandwich shops, as Sam's Sub Shop rocks the sandwich world.  As Teri would say, "They're screamin' good!"

Although Teri has raved about Sam's Sub Shop for months, I'd never had the opportunity to pay them a visit.  Fast forward to the 5th of August, 2011.... Teri asked me what I wanted - she had a takeout menu at her desk at work - and I merely replied, "You choose."  She chose... and GRACIOUS A DIOS  did she choose!  Our menu was two #17's, which, as the menu describes..."P & O Cheese Steak (grilled bell pepper and onion)... whatever... each order comes stock with an order of fries, but since Teri and I are lovers of onion rings, we decided to kick in a few more coins and substitute an order of onion rings for fries.  We're good friends so mixin' and matchin' isn't a problem.

Teri was right... Sam's Sub Shop produces a screamin' good sub sandwich.  They're not a chain, as they're a one-of-a-kind, locally owned and operated restaurant.  You get a quality sandwich, lovingly prepared, at a very attractive price.  If you're in the neighborhood, and you're looking for a quality sub sandwich, look no further than Sam's Sub Shop.

Sam's Sub Shop
2766 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 486-8333

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