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During my travels to Nevada and beyond, I've passed by the Silver Fork Cafe many times, and have often wondered what it was all about.  Despite generally mediocre reviews on Yelp, which usually fuel my curiosity, I had the restaurant in my sights, and finally crossed it off my "bucket list" on Monday, September 29, 2014.

Photo:  Silver Fork Cafe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, and is open for breakfast and lunch only.  Since I'm a GIGANTIC fan of breakfast, that's a plus.  I arrived about 0730 on Monday morning, September 29, 2014, and when the photo was taken, I was the only customer, but before I left, a couple more folks arrived.

Photo:  Inside, there is a breakfast counter, with a table to one side, and a small dining room, that has several tables.  The restaurant is small, but very tidy and clean, and quite comfortable.  The door to the left of the photo gives a peek into the kitchen.  When the weather is nice, Silver Fork Cafe offers spacious outdoor, patio dining, but on this 45-degree Monday morning, I didn't feel like dining outside.  Plus, when I'm alone, I prefer to dine at the counter, so I can observe the staff in action, and make lots of small talk.

Photo:  Young, who I assume is the owner, placed my breakfast on the counter, and is in the process of delivering ketchup and Tabasco sauce.  He was very polite, yet quite reserved, but kept my coffee mug filled with delicious coffee, and offered good service.  He appeared to be multi-tasking, as he took my order, delivered it, kept my coffee mug full, greeted the other customer seated at the counter, and tidied-up the restaurant while I enjoyed my breakfast.  A lady, who I guess is his wife, was taking care of business in the kitchen.

Photo:  Young was happy to take my photo, as I pose with my "All American Breakfast."  The next photo describes my breakfast in detail.

Photo:  My "All American Breakfast," cooked to perfection.  The basic breakfast includes two eggs, cooked any style, toast and either hashbrowns or home style potatoes.  Lately I've been leaning toward hashbrowns, as I love the golden crispy outside, and the silky smooth inside, but it's just my preference.  For an extra dollar, I ordered sausage links, which made for an excellent breakfast.  The breakfast was cooked perfectly, and it kept me going all day until dinner.  Young kept my mug filled with delicious coffee, which always puts a smile on my face.

As a postscript, eight days later, while I was passing through on he way home from my trip to the desert, I had plans to visit the restaurant for lunch, and enjoy one of the many burgers the menu offers.  Due to a mechanical problem with my truck, I was delayed over an hour, and by the time I reached the restaurant, a little past two in the afternoon, they were closed.  I guess I have another thing-to-do on my "bucket list..."

I can't say that I was dazzled and amazed with Silver Fork Cafe, but I felt that I received a very good breakfast at a fair price, and the coffee was fantastic.  When you're traveling east from Sacramento on U.S. 50, Silver Fork Cafe is definitely a good place to visit for breakfast or lunch.

Silver Fork Cafe
13196 U.S. 50
Kyburz, CA 95720
530 293-3511

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