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The small town of Portola, California isn't excactly a world-famous destination for diners, but there are a few great places to enjoy a great meal.  On Wednesday, August 13, 2014, I had to pleasure to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Sharon's Cafe, in Portola.

Photo:  Sharon's Cafe is located on Commercial Street, which is the main street in Portola.  The cafe shares the building with another business.  The motto of the restaurant, which is printed on their menu, reads, "What the locals like," and that's a true statement.

Photo:  The dining room, as viewed from just inside the front door, is small, and features a "country" style decor.  Most of the patrons were locals, and on this August morning, I noted that much of the talk was about the upcoming deer season.  I sat at the counter, which is located at the rear of the photo.

Photo:  My friendly server, Maria, smiles, as she places my breakfast on the counter.  The owner of the restaurant, Sharon, can be seen through the window, in the center of the photo, as she's doing the cooking.  Note the "old school" order wheel in the window where orders are placed.  No computers will be found at Sharon's!

Photo:  Thanks, Maria, for snapping my photo.  Photo gives a good view of the dining room.  More on my delicious breakfast in the next photo.

Photo:  The menu at Sharon's Cafe features a section called "South of the Border Breakfast," which immediately drew my attention.  There are five offerings in that section, and I chose the "Chorizo Scramble," with coffee, of course, to drink.  I found the description of the breakfast interesting, as the menu reads, "We expertly scramble two eggs with authentic chorizo.  You can have it with hash browns and toast, or do it like a local, with beans, rice and a tortilla."  For me, the choice was easy, so I did it "like a local," and enjoyed rice, beans and a flour tortilla with my breakfast.  The breakfast was fantastic, and was so filling that I could barely finish it, but I managed to.  I left Sharon's Cafe with a full stomach, and a huge smile on my face!

When you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast, and you want to get to know the Portola locals, look to Sharon's Cafe, as they serve an excellent breakfast, and the people are friendly.

Sharon's Cafe
270 Commercial St.
Portola, CA 96122
530 832-4874

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