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Dollar tacos!!!  That's about the same price you pay for a taco on the streets of Tijuana, or any other Mexican city. Dollar tacos are UNLEARD of north of the border, but during "Happy Hour," you'll enjoy dollar "street" tacos, on the streets of North Highlands, at Sinai Fast Food Truck.

Photo:  Sinai Fast Food's taco truck pulls into the parking lot, on the southeast corner of Watt and Larchmont Aves., about 1030 every weekday morning.  By 1045, they're serving tacos, but it literally pays to wait until 1100, when the $1.00 tacos kick in, for taco Happy Hour.  If you missed Happy Hour in the morning, you get a second chance, as afternoon Happy Hour is from 1600 to 1800.  It's a one-or-two girl operation, as today, it's a "one gal," as the solo gal takes orders, takes your money, cooks your order, and presents your food.  Note the generator attached to the front of the truck, as the restaurant is a totally self-contained unit.  Happy Hour isn't posted on the menu on the outside of the truck, but the sign is in the parking lot, next to the truck.

Photo:  The menu is posted on the side of the truck, and as you can see, the restaurant offers some serious Mexican food, at bargain prices.

Photo:  The choices for the $.99 tacos are limited to carnitas, chicken or buches, but for that price, who cares?  The solo employee of the taco truck, Daniella, presents my two carnitas tacos to the camera.  I opted for the spicy variety, and I'm glad that I did, as these tacos de carnitas were delicious!  

Photo:  On my request, Daniella snapped my photo, which gives a pretty good idea of the size of these small tacos. More on the tacos in the last photo.  Today is Thursday, September 04, 2014, and it's just after eleven in the morning, so I capitalized on the dollar tacos.  During non-Happy Hour time, the tacos are priced at $1.25, which is still a bargain.  The only negative aspect is that Sinai Fast Food Truck doesn't offer any seating, so if you want to eat your tacos on-site, you get to sit in the parking lot.  I assume that 99% of their business must be take-out; I simply took my tacos home to enjoy.

Photo: My order of two, $1.00 "Tacos de Carnitas."  This is the lowest price for tacos that I've seen in the greater Sacramento area!  As inexpensive as these tacos may be, they are delicious, and Sinai Fast Food Truck delivers a quality product.  The carnitas was grilled perfectly, and each taco consisted of two, CD-size corn tortillas, carnitas meat, diced onion, cilantro, a touch of salsa verde, garnished with radish and jalapeno pepper.  These tacos are the nearly identical to tacos sold by street vendors in every Mexican city, town and municipality, at  just a tad over of what you'd pay in Mexico.  Delicious tacos at a bargain price!

Photo:  Thursday, September 11, 2014, I came back for more!  Today, I chose three "Tacos de Buches," for the price of $3.00, tax included.  What a bargain! If you're not familiar with "buches," it's cheek meat, and it's delicious.  Like my previous visit, the tacos were tender, juicy, delishious, and today, they were garnished with onion, cilantro, and a dab of Mexican picante sauce.  

Photo:  February 03, 2015, I was back at it again, and I timed my visit to hit the lunch taco "Happy Hour."  So, I decided to splurge, and order one of each of the tacos offered during taco "Happy Hour."  I enjoyed carnitas, pollo and buche.  As in my previous visits, the tacos were cooked to perfection, the ingredients were fresh, the staff was friendly, and the tacos were amazingly delicious.  Three tacos for three dollars, including tax is the best bargain in the greater Sacrament area!

You can't beat the price, and the tacos are almost a carbon-copy of Mexican "street tacos," which normally run $10.00 (Pesos,) which translates to just a shade under a U.S. Dollar.  Not only are the tacos bargain-priced, but they're delicious, authentic, and served with a smile.  You'll enjoy delicious tacos, and leave Sinai Fast Food Truck with lots of change in your pocket, and a smile on your face.

Sinai Fast Food Truck
7460 Larchmont Ave.
North Highlands, CA. 95643

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