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Oh yes!  There is nothing like pulling into TJ's Roadhouse at 0730 on a chilly, December morning, and to enjoy a delicious breakfast, which makes TJ's a favorite breakfast spot for the Colfax locals.

Photo:  Saturday morning, 0730, December 07, 2013, it's time for breakfast at TJ's Roadhouse!  TJ's opens every morning for breakfast at 0630, and, as they're serious about breakfast, it's served until noon on weekdays, and 1300 on weekends.  The restaurant is build on the slope of a hill, so if you're parked at the parking lot, you get to walk up the stairs.  If you park at the motel, just north of the restaurant, you can forget the stairs.  Colfax is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, so stairs and hills are a way of life.

Photo:  TJ's has quite an interesting layout, as you walk in, the main dining room is to your right.  If you're looking for booths, go elsewhere, as TJ's features an assortment of tables.  The kitchen and the breakfast bar, or if you prefer... counter, is to the right, and when I dine alone, such as today, I prefer to sit at the counter, as it's a good way to mingle with other solo diners and it presents a great chance to meet the locals.

Photo:  Bree works the counter and discusses local deer hunting with one of the locals.  Local politics and deer hunting are favorite subjects among the locals, as TJ's Roadhouse caters to Colfax locals.  Today, the low snowfall was the favorite topic of discussion.

Photo:  My two friendly servers, Judy, on the left, and Bree, on the right, with my breakfast on the counter.  Judy took my order and actually served me, and Bree kept my coffee mug filled with delicious coffee.  Check out the breakfast counter, as it's made from a log, in keeping with the rustic dining atmosphere that TJ's offers.

Photo:  I asked Bree to take my photo, and she did!  

Photo:  I went meatless today, which is not unusual for me, as  breakfast of home fried potatoes, two fried eggs over easy, a stack of toast, and coffee will suit me for the day.  Today, this was my delicious breakfast that I enjoyed at TJ's Roadhouse.  The breakfast was wonderful, the rustic dining atmosphere was enjoyable, and it was great chatting with the locals.  TJ's Roadhouse is a great place to enjoy a fantastic meal!

Good breakfast, rustic dining, and friendly people.  At TJ's Roadhouse, you get to meet the friendly Colfax locals, and if you're like me - gregarious - you'll get to share a meal with them, and to chat about subjects such as deer hunting and politics.  It's all good, and TJ's Roadhouse is definitely a great place to enjoy a delicious meal.

TJ's Roadhouse
520 S. Auburn St.
Colfax, CA 95713
916 346-1040

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