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Cafe Delicias, located in old town Auburn, CA, is one of four members of a small chain of restaurants in Placer County that offer fine Mexican cuisine, to all who enjoy fine dining in California's Gold Country.

Photo:  Each table in the restaurant has both pages of the menu, under glass, for your ease of ordering.  You can also order online, by phone, or at the time, using your smartphone, as the menu features "QR card" ease.  

The first page lists your "adult beverages," kitchen specialties and more...

Photo:  The second page of the meu lists a-la-carte, seafood, combinations and lunch specials.  All listings on the menu can be ordered anytime the restauant is open.

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As the name implies, Cafe Delicias serves delicious, "mainstream" Mexican cuisine, in old town Auburn, and the menu lists all of your breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites.

Cafe Delicias
1591 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603
909 491-7989

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