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TJ's Roadhouse, located in Colfax, CA has been serving amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner to Colfax locals, and travelers along busy Interstate 80 for the past 15 years or so.  The restaurant has become a Placer County icon, and is noted for serving one of the best breakfasts in the Gold Country.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 09:00 in the morning, Tuesday, June 06, 2023, and I've arrived at TJ's Roadhouse, located in Colfax, CA to enjoy a great breakfast.  This is the original TJ's, which has been serving delicious diner cuisine for the past 15 years or so, and has become a favorite of Colfax locals, travelers on busy Interstate 80, and anyone who appreciates great food and friendly service.

Photo:  Back in 2019, the Auburn Journal voted TJ's as the BEST breakfast, lunch, burger and casual dining in Colfax, and TJ's is very proud - rightly so - of their accomplishment.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be welcomed by a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, but on this Tuesday morning the dining room was lightly seated, and the friendly hostess simply waved and greeted me with "Seat anywhere you want to."  I sat at the bar, which is where I prefer to sit when I dine solo.

Photo:  The large dining room is comfortable, and in keeping with the Gold Country atmosphere of the town of Colfax, is decorated like the town... very rustic.

The decor features many mounted animals, photos, posters, beer signs and lots of "Americana," along with countless American flags.  I love it!

Photo:  The small counter faces the kitchen, and offers great dining atmosphere and comfortable, bar-type seating. Note the beer taps to the left of the photo, as TJ's offers several beers on tap.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is one complete page, as TJ's is serious about breakfast, as it's served until 2 in the afternoon.  "Meat Lovers" headlines the menu and I went with "Tri-tip."  How could I resist?  

To see the complete menu, click on the menu image or THIS LINK.

Photo:  The town of Colfax is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills around the 3000-foot elevation, and this is deer hunting country, and a mounted mule deer highlights the rustic atmosphere of the dining room.  The Sierra Nevada beer sign adds the final touch.

Photo:  I was surprised to see mounted upland game birds, as the Mountain Quail is the only bird of this type that is found in the Colfax area, as the pheasant and the dove are hunted in the nearby Sacramento Valley.

Photo:  Each table and place at the bar includes a great selection of condiments, including a bottle of Cholula Mexican hot sauce.

Photo:  From my seat at the counter, I was able to watch the friendly staff in action, and chit-chat as their time permitted.  I was also offered a glimpse into the kitchen through the order pick up window.  Note the beer signs that decorate the wall.

Photo:  Meet Jaime E., my friendly hostess, who brought my breakfast to me with a smile.  She didn't have far to bring it, as the window to the kitchen can be seen in the background.  When I dine by myself, I always prefer to enjoy my meal at the counter, as it's a great way to watch the staff in action, and chit-chat with them, if their time permits.

Photo:  I sat at the counter, and asked my friendly hostess, Jaime to take my photo, which she cheerful did.  Such a great hostess, a delicious breakfast and a fine restaurant!

Photo:  From the "Meat Lover's" section of the breakfast menu, I went with tri-tip, hash brown potatoes, two eggs along with sourdough toast.  You get to choose between hash browns, home fries for your potatoes, and toast or pancake for your side.  The menu offers many other options at an additional cost, including biscuits and gravy.  

The "star" of my delicious and hearty breakfast was the tri-tip; a tender cut of "Certified Angus Beef," which made for a great cut of beef for breakfast.  The generous serving of beef was perfectly seasoned, marinated and grilled medium - my hostess didn't ask for my preference - and was juicy, tender and simply delicious!  The generous serving of beef was cut into large bite-size pieces, which allowed for the marinade and juiciness to showcase, and was fork-tender, so the cutting knife was simply window dressing.  I used my fork to cut each piece of meat into smaller sizes, which always seems to work for me.  The reward:  One bite into a piece of the tender beef, and I was rewarded with perfect flavor, a rush of juices, and a taste that I'll remember for a long, long time.

It's always a difficult decision to choose between home  fries or hash browns, but today I went with hash browns and I truly believe I made the right choice.  The generous serving of hash browns were perfectly fried to a crispy, golden brown on the outside, and tender white inside, which made for a perfect side dish, and perfectly prepared hash brown potatoes.  The chef has talent!

The two eggs are fried "your way," using butter, and I went for sunnyside up, as when eggs are fried on the "sunny side," they blend perfectly with hash browns.  The eggs were cooked perfectly, and worked well with the hash browns.  I placed the eggs on top of the hash browns, added a dash or two of Cholula Mexican hot sauce, and simply ENJOYED the amazing diner cuisine!

The two pieces of sourdough toast were on the thick side, toasted perfectly and coated with the right amount of real butter.  They made for the perfect way to sop of every bit of goodness from my breakfast.

If you're in the mood for a superior breakfast, look to TJ's Roadhouse.  The "Americana" diner cuisine is simply delicious, and the portions are large.  No wonder TJ's was voted by the Auburn Journal as the "Best of the Best" in 2019 for casual dining in Colfax!  My breakfast was simply amazing.

Photo:  Tri-tip was the main attraction to my breakfast, but the side of hash browns was as good as it gets, and the fried eggs were delicious. This breakfast was as good as it gets, and kept me satisfied and happy all day.  I simply enjoyed a salad for dinner at home, as when it came time for dinner, I was still moderately full.  

Photo:  Back on Friday, April 14th of this year, I enjoyed a Tri-tip breakfast at the recently opened TJ's Roadhouse, located in nearby Nevada City.  As the name implies, the restaurant is opened by the same folks as the Colfax location.  Note the difference in the breakfast, as the restaurants are slightly different when it comes to the menu, and the presentation of the meal.  Check out my visit at TJ's Roadhouse, Nevada City.

You won't leave hungry at TJ's Roadhouse, located in beautiful Colfax, CA.

Let's go back to my first visit to TJ's Roadhouse, back on a snowy Saturday morning, 07:30, December 07, 2013...

Oh yes!  There is nothing like pulling into TJ's Roadhouse at 0730 on a chilly, December morning, and to enjoy a delicious breakfast, which makes TJ's a favorite breakfast spot for the Colfax locals.

Photo:  Saturday morning, 0730, December 07, 2013, it's time for breakfast at TJ's Roadhouse!  TJ's opens every morning for breakfast at 0630, and, as they're serious about breakfast, it's served until noon on weekdays, and 1300 on weekends.  The restaurant is build on the slope of a hill, so if you're parked at the parking lot, you get to walk up the stairs.  If you park at the motel, just north of the restaurant, you can forget the stairs.  Colfax is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, so stairs and hills are a way of life.

Photo:  TJ's has quite an interesting layout, as you walk in, the main dining room is to your right.  If you're looking for booths, go elsewhere, as TJ's features an assortment of tables.  The kitchen and the breakfast bar, or if you prefer... counter, is to the right, and when I dine alone, such as today, I prefer to sit at the counter, as it's a good way to mingle with other solo diners and it presents a great chance to meet the locals.

Photo:  Bree works the counter and discusses local deer hunting with one of the locals.  Local politics and deer hunting are favorite subjects among the locals, as TJ's Roadhouse caters to Colfax locals.  Today, the low snowfall was the favorite topic of discussion.

Photo:  My two friendly servers, Judy, on the left, and Bree, on the right, with my breakfast on the counter.  Judy took my order and actually served me, and Bree kept my coffee mug filled with delicious coffee.  Check out the breakfast counter, as it's made from a log, in keeping with the rustic dining atmosphere that TJ's offers.

Photo:  I asked Bree to take my photo, and she did!  

Photo:  I went meatless today, which is not unusual for me, as  breakfast of home fried potatoes, two fried eggs over easy, a stack of toast, and coffee will suit me for the day.  Today, this was my delicious breakfast that I enjoyed at TJ's Roadhouse.  The breakfast was wonderful, the rustic dining atmosphere was enjoyable, and it was great chatting with the locals.  TJ's Roadhouse is a great place to enjoy a fantastic meal!

Amazing breakfast, rustic dining, and friendly people.  At TJ's Roadhouse, you get to meet the friendly Colfax locals, and if you're like me - gregarious - you'll get to share a meal with them, and to chat about subjects such as deer hunting and politics.  It's all good, and TJ's Roadhouse is definitely a great place to enjoy a delicious meal.

TJ's Roadhouse
520 S. Auburn St.
Colfax, CA 95713
916 346-1040

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