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Bandito's Tacos is a Placer County pop-up restaurant, based out of Lincoln, CA that specializes in... according to their web site... "next level tacos," along with "next level service." Bandito's is a regular at the Fowler Ranch Farmers Market, held every Sunday at Fowler Ranch, located just east of Lincoln, CA.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 09:30 in the morning on Sunday, January 21, 2023, and Bandito's Tacos has set up their pop-up restaurant at the weekly Fowler Ranch Farmers Market, located on Lincoln Newcastle Highway, just east of Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  Every Sunday of the year, Fowler Ranch hosts a farmer's market from 09:00 in the morning until 13:00 in the afternoon, and Bandito's Tacos is a frequent provider of great food at this fun, and family-friendly event.  The market features local crafts, artisans, food and more, and is a weekly fun event to attend, in the western Placer County foothills.

Photo:  Like the farmer's market, Bandito's Tacos opens at 09:00 in the morning, but serving doesn't start until about 09:30, and by then, it's time to line-up to enjoy some of the best tacos in western Placer County!

Photo:  You place your order with the friendly hostess, Val, who will take your order, and pass it along to taco chef Adam.

Photo:  Today's menu was posted at the meet/greet counter, and offered two taco choices, along with a tamale, water and Mexican sodas.

Photo:  Meet the master chef and the owner of the business, Mr. Adam Saldana, as he gives me his "chef's smile" as he grills carne asada and chicken over his propane-fired griddle.

Photo:  Meet Val, who "meeted and greeted" me at the counter, took my order, and passed it along to chef Adam and his staff.  Like Adam, Val treated me like family.

Photo:  Chef Adam presents the "Jester" and the "Bistek" tacos that he has just prepared for me.  Simply amazing tacos prepared by a talented chef, and a great guy!

Photo:  I wear my "Bandito's Tacos" shirt with pride, as I'm ready to enjoy my amazing very early lunch of a "Bistek" and a "Jester" taco at Bandito's Tacos, on this Sunday morning at Fowler Ranch, just east of Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  "Thumbs up" to enjoy tacos, thanks to the amazing talents of the staff at Bandito's Tacos, based out of Lincoln, CA!

Photo:  The "Bistek" and "Jester Gourmet Tacos," which headlined today's menu at Bandito's Tacos.  Today's menu offered two tacos, so I ordered "one" of each, to fulfill my gourmet taco cravings for this Sunday morning.

"Bistek" taco started off with a medium size corn tortilla, perfectly fried on the griddle.  Frying next to the tortilla was carne asada - Mexican steak - perfectly seasoned, marinated juicy and simply delicious, which added the "meat" to the taco.  Included with the taco were Monterey, Cheddar and Asada cheese, with Banditio's "Signature Salsa" serving to hold things together.  The taco was garnished with diced red onion, sliced avocado, chopped cilantro, and sprinkled with Cotija cheese crumble to make for an amazing taco.  What more could you desire?  

The "Jester" started out like the "Bistek" with a yellow corn tortilla, crisped and perfectly fried on the griddle to hold both taste and texture.  Added to "Jester" was a large amount of seasoned, grilled chicken... Oh my! ... which made for an amazing taco!

Added to the "character" of the "Jester" were the fine add-on's of melted Colby-Jack cheese, hickory smoked bacon crumble, diced, grilled pineapple - Oh my! - Bandito's "Signature Jester Sauce Drizzle," diced red onion, pickled jalepeņo slices, Romano and Parmesan dust, along with red chili pepper flakes.  Add it all together, and it made "Jester" an amazing taco of taste and character.

The taco cuisine I enjoyed at Bandito's Tacos was simply amazing!  You can't beat Bandito's Tacos for some ofhe best tacos in Placer County!  Delicious!

Bandito's Tacos doesn't serve "street tacos" like you'd find in Mexicali, Mexico as these tacos are "north-of-the-border" in every way... but what does it matter?  Bandito's Tacos are simply DELICIOUS in every way, and the staff is as friendly as it gets.

You ask... which taco was my favorite?  Both were simply amazing, but I have to go with "The Jester," as I've never had a taco like it, thanks to Bandito's sauce, the pickled jalapeņo slices and the pineapple.  Aloha!

Combine the fun, family-friendly atmosphere at Fowler Ranch, and the amazing tacos that Chef Adam, and the crew at Bandito's Tacos serves, and you have a recipe for a great day in the foothills, just east of Lincoln, CA.

You simply can't go wrong with enjoying Adam's amazing tacos, as you savor the atmosphere at the Fowler Ranch Farmers Market!

Fowler Ranch
3111 Lincoln Newcastle Hwy.
Lincoln, CA 95648

Back on Saturday, October 08, 2022, I had the pleasure to enjoy Bandito's Tacos at the Lincoln Airport Open House, at the Lincoln, CA airport.  

Bandito's Tacos is a Placer County pop-up restaurant, based out of Lincoln, CA that specializes in... according to their web site... "next level tacos," along with "next level service."  After enjoying their fine cuisine, the restaurant is truly "next level!"

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Bandito's Tacos set up their restaurant at the 2022 edition of the Lincoln Airport Open House, in Lincoln, CA to serve delicious tacos.  What could be better than to combine tacos with an open house at a friendly, Placer County airport?  

It's just a little past the 11:00 in the morning opening time of the restaurant, on Saturday, October 08, 2022, and I'm in the mood to enjoy some amazing Mexican cuisine at Bandito's Tacos, who set up "shop" today at the Lincoln airport.

Photo:  Churros are a major part of the menu, and they're made on-site, from scratch, from fresh ingredients.  

Bandito's Tacos began setting up their operation a couple hours before the 11:00 opening time, so I had plenty of time to check out the staff preparing their amazing cuisine, on-site, before the restaurant opened.

Photo:  After the churros were made, they were deep fried, on-site, fresh and ready to enjoy.  

Photo:  Today's menu was quite compact, and listed nachos and tacos for food, churros for desert, along with Mexican sodas and water.  I couldn't decide whether to go with "Ortega Loaded Nachos" or "Grinch Gourmet Tacos," so I went with both.

Photo:  Chef Adam is busy grilling chicken and bacon on his griddle, as the restaurant is preparing to open for business on this late Saturday morning.

Photo:  Chef Adam gives me his chef's "thumbs up," as he grills seasoned chicken and bacon, on the propane-fired griddle at the Lincoln airport.

Photo:  Bacon along with seasoned chicken are grilling on the griddle.  Banditos Tacos is a portable, "pop-up" restaurant that serves delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine at special events, all over the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  Yellow corn tortillas, with melted Colby cheese, are cooking on the griddle, which will make the foundation for the delicious "The Grinch Gourmet Taco," which is a highlight of the menu.  How could I ever resist something as delicious as one of these amazing tacos?

Photo:  Along with others, I "opened" up the restaurant on this late Saturday morning at 11:00, and I enjoyed lots of company.  Bandito's Tacos sets up shop for special events all over the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  I'm next in line as I wait behind a very friendly lady, who carried a doll who resembled a child, as she placed orders for she and her children.  The hostess of the restaurant was making churros an hour before the opening of the restaurant, as she is a very talented lady.

Photo:  Meet the chef and the principal owner of Bandito's Tacos, Mr. Adam Saldana, who presented me my order of "Ortega Loaded Nachos" and a "The Grinch Gourmet Taco" with a smile.  Adam "chefs" amazing Mexican-inspired cuisine, and his friendly persona makes his delicious food taste even better!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm going to enjoy nachos and a taco, from Bandito's Tacos, today at the Lincoln Airport Open House event.  

Photo:  For starters, I went with "The Ortega Loaded Nachos" which was listed at the top of the menu.  This delicious 'headliner" was a complete lunch by itself... to say the least... and included:
*  Juanitas corn tortilla chips
*  Melted Colby jack cheese
*  Chicken, seasoned and grilled on-site grilled by Chef Adam
*  Hickory smoked bacon
*  Bandito's avocado salsa drizzle
*  Pico de gallo, made fresh, on-site
*  Grated Parmesan and Romero cheeses

All of this goodness was grilled by Chef Adam on the griddle and placed on a bed of corn tortilla chips.  Simply a "cornucopia" of amazingly fresh, expertly prepared and grilled meat, cheese and veggies working together to create a nacho dish that was simply unforgettable!  

"Ortega Loaded Nachos" was simply perfect, as the marinated, seasoned chicken, along with the bacon slices worked to provide "meat" to the dish, and the pico de gallo, along with the avocado salsa added the perfect creaminess, and "veggie" touch.  How could you discount the cheese?  ... the cheese blended everything together and added a satisfying touch to Adam's delicious nachos.  The Juanita's corn tortilla chips were the "base" of the nachos, which worked well with Chef Adam's enhancements.

"The Loaded Ortega Nachos" made for a full lunch, and was simply delicious!  On the other hand, as I scanned the menu, I simply couldn't decide, so I decided to "pig out" and order a "The Grinch Gourmet Taco," to enhance my delicious lunch I enjoyed, thanks to Banditos's Tacos, at the 2022 edition of Lincoln Airport Open House.

Photo:  "The Grinch Gourmet Taco" is a taco that all Placer County "foodies" and taco lovers would enjoy, as it was simply delicious!  This amazing taco was listed below the nachos, and included the following

*  Large yellow corn tortilla, grilled perfectly by Adam, on his propane-fired griddle
*  Melted Colby Jack cheese skirt, which was the foundation of the taco on the tortilla
*  Seasoned chicken, perfectly grilled on-site by Chef Adam
*  Bandito's "Ortega crema"
*  Shredded lettuce
*  Sliced black olives
*  Cotija cheese crumble
*  Diced green onion

The large, yellow corn tortilla was grilled on the griddle and covered with a melted cheese skirt, followed by shredded, seasoned chicken grilled next to the tortillas. Crema, green onion, shredded lettuce, sliced black olives and Cotija cheese crumble were placed on the taco to make for a "Grinch" sensation of a taco!  In a simple phrase... "taco perfection."  As Chef Adam's web site describes this tacos as "next level tacos..." the "Grinch Taco" I enjoyed was simply "next level" delicious!

Chef Adam and Bandito's Tacos know how to make tacos, and they serve a quality, delicious taco for any occasion. Along with Dave's Dawg's, Bandito's Tacos made my Saturday at Lincoln Airport Open House a culinary masterpiece and adventure to remember.

The fine Mexican-inspired cuisine served at Bandito's Tacos is simply delicious, and the amazingly friendly service enjoyed by Chef Adam and his staff was simply amazing!  Bandito's Tacos caters to events all over the greater Sacramento area, so check out their web site, or look for them at the next event, when you're in the mood for "next level tacos..."

Bandito's Tacos
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 517-5733

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