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The small Mojave desert community of Tecopa, CA is quite a ways from a town of any size, and is a great place to enjoy the beautiful desert scenery, camp, and relax.  There aren't many restaurants in the area, but there is a gem of a micro brewery, Death Valley Brewing, who's motto reads, "When you're dyin' for a cold one..."

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with any restaurant or brewery that I've reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Death Valley Brewing is a small micro brewery that brews "old school" beer, in the style of the old west, and is located in Tecopa, CA, near Death Valley National Park.  There is a campground behind the brewery and a steakhouse next door, so all bases are covered.

It's early Sunday evening, September 15, 2019, and I'm meeting my daughter at the brewery to enjoy an IPA or two before heading to another campground.

Photo:  The front door to the restaurant welcomes you with the hours of operation, along with a couple of faux skulls, along with a lizard mascot.

Photo:  As you enter the brewery, you'll first notice the small bar, high, bar-type tables and chairs, and lots of friendly beer lovers.  The taproom is quite compact, but there's a pool table in a co-located room, and a comfortable patio outside, which is an enjoyable place to enjoy a beer or two when the desert weather isn't excessively hot.

Photo:  The beer selection changes all of the time, and the current selection is posted on a white board, hung on a taproom wall.  My daughter and I are big fans of IPA, and the "Snakebite" sounded like a great choice for this early Sunday evening.

Photo:  Today's food menu is quite compact, as it looks like pretzels and pizza are the only offerings.  Like the beer menu, the food menu changes frequently, and it's best to check their web site for the latest food and drink offerings.  

Photo: Friendly bartender Dan poses with my daughter, Jacquie, with a pint of "Snakebite" he just poured her from the tap at the bar.  The small bar, along with the taps, can be seen in back of them.

Photo:  I'm standing at the bar, as Dan is pouring me an IPA, and looking towards the patio, which can be seen through the windows.  If you don't care to sit at the bar, there are plenty of tables, along with a few lounge chairs. I love the strings of light, as it gives the room a warm, cheery atmosphere.

Photo:  My daughter enjoys her beer, along with a smoke, and the pleasant weather, as she relaxes outside on the comfortable patio and chats with fellow beer lovers.

Photo:  Bartender Dan pours a customer a pint from the tap.  Like the taproom, the bar is quite compact, but the beer is delicious, and the customer and staff are super friendly.

Photo:  My daughter and I pose at the bar, as Dan pours each of us a "Snakebite" IPA.  Note the beer stein on the bar, as Death Valley Brewing sells beer steins and tee shirts as souvenirs.  Thanks, Jacquie, as she gave me the beer stein as a gift!

Jacquie and I absolutely loved our "Snakebites," and we were both "snakebitten" after enjoy a pint or two.  The beer is a rich, artesian IPA, and it tastes like no other IPA that I've ever enjoy.  It's crisp, clean, and just plan refreshing and delicious.  The beer is brewed in the style of the old west, and is definitely "old school."  If you're in the mood for a remarkable IPA, keep Death Valley Brewing in mind.

When you're visiting Tecopa, Shoshone, or anywhere near Death Valley National Park, and you're "dyin' for a cold one," stop by Death Valley Brewing, relax at the bar, and enjoy a fine beer, along with friendly company.  Death Valley Brewing is a "must-stop" at place when you're visiting the area...

Death Valley Brewing
102 Old Spanish Trail
Tecopa, CA 92389
760 852-4273

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