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The slogan, "Are you on the sauce?" is printed on the bottle, and it very well describes Galen's Texas Style BBQ Sauce.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with Galen - except we're friends and fellow "foodies" - and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my "foodie" experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past noon on Sunday, June 30, 2019, and I've arrived at one of my favorites shopping places in the greater Sacramento area, Emigh Hardware, as I had heard the Galen's Texas Style BBQ Sauce was going to be giving away free samples of meat, and naturally, their barbecue sauce.  How could I ever resist attending a free, "foodie" event, especially when barbecue is involved?

After sampling Galen's delicious barbecue, along with his sauce, I headed over to Emigh's Cafe, located in front of the store, to enjoy a hot dog.  Truly a "foodie" day!

Photo:  As soon as you enter the store, Galen and his dad had a table set up, and greeted you with a friendly smile. Their location was perfect, as much of the front portion to Emigh Hardware is dedicated to outdoor grills, barbecue, accessories, and everything you could imagine, and then a little more, when it comes to outdoor cooking and grilling.

These guys are super friendly, they're passionate about anything related to food, they love barbecue, and their sauce is as good as it gets.

Photo:  Galen Sr., and Galen Jr., demonstrate their delicious barbecue sauce to a couple, who are interested in fine barbecue.  Emigh Hardware has just began carrying Galen's delicious BBQ sauce, and they've joined a small chain of stores in Northern and Central California that carry this fine product.

Photo:  Meet Galen Middlebrooks, who is the "boss" behind the barbecue sauce.  Galen grew up in Modesto, and was born a "foodie," into a "foodie" family, and has always loved Texas-style barbecue.  So, it was simply the natural thing for him to experiment with barbecue sauce, become an entrepreneur, and sell his amazing product.

Photo:  You like meat with your barbecue sauce?  The Middlebrooks provided brisket and chicken to sample with their barbecue sauce.  I must confess that I strictly went with the brisket, as I hadn't enjoyed brisket for several weeks.

Photo:  Galen pours on the sauce for me to sample.  Galen's Texas Style BBQ Sauce comes in three varieties, Original, Hot and Apricot.  Like the adventuresome person I am, I sampled all three, straight in line, "railroad" style.

Photo:  I crack a smile, as I'm ready to sample some of Galen's amazing bbq sauce, on a piece of brisket.  Yummm!

Photo:  Close up of the small cup of brisket, loaded with Galen's barbecue sauce, in this case, it's the "Apricot" variety of sauce.

Photo:  I purchased a bottle of the "Hot" and the "Apricot" varieties, with the "Hot" simply being a slightly spicier version of Galen's "Original" sauce.  I hold up the two bottles of barbecue sauce I'm purchasing, and Galen and I smile for the camera.

Thanks, Galen Middlebrooks for taking the "selfie" and allowing me to publish it on this web site.

Galen's Texas Style BBQ Sauce will be coming to a store near you, in the near future!  If you're a fan of Texas-style barbecue sauce, Galen's will soon become your "go-to" barbecue sauce. It's good on everything!  Stop by and say hello to Galen, and Galen Jr.; they're nice guys and their barbecue sauce is delicious!

GKG Fine Foods, LLC
Box 1569
Danville, CA 94526
https://areyouonthe sauce.com

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