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GoatHouse Brewing Co. is a family owned and operated goat ranch, located outside of Lincoln, CA with hops growing in the "back 40" and a micro brewery in the ex-barn!  The brewery is open Thursday through Sunday, and practically every weekend, there is a food truck, with a different food vendor serving a different cuisine every weekend.  Not to mention there are plenty of goats for your enjoyment...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  As you're traveling on rural Wise Road, outside Lincoln, CA, it would be easy to miss GoatHouse Brewing Co., if it wasn't for the sign.  After turning into the driveway, it's a quarter mile to the brewery on a gravel road, but the scenery is beautiful, and the ducks playing around in the nearby canal will keep you laughing.

Photo:  It's a little past the 11:00 in the morning, which is opening time for the brewery on Saturday, June 12, 2021, and I've arrived at GoatHouse Brewing Co., located in Lincoln, CA, to enjoy some amazing micro beer, along with "street tacos," from nearby Zintzuni taco truck.

Photo:  GoatHouse Brewing Co. specializes in locally-sourced ingredients, and their beer featured fresh hops, as the hops are grown on the "back 40," just outside the parking lot.

Photo:  The herd of goats live in a sanctuary pasture, outside brewery, behind the patio.  This isn't a "petting zoo" for the children,  but the goats are friendly, and love to come up to the fence and enjoy attention. You can purchase food to feed the goats, which will net you unconditional friendship from them.

Photo:  Just a few of the "staff," outside the patio, taking a break, and enjoying the amazing 78-degree weather on this beautiful late Saturday morning in mid-June.

Photo:  GoatHouse Brewing Co. is both goat-friendly, and dog-friendly, and they sell food so you can feed their herd of goats.  Today, I watched lots of children enjoying feeding the goats, like this young lady and young gentleman are doing.

The "goat food" simply looks like large rabbit pellets of compressed alfalfa.  Lucky goats.... but they seemed to savor this bland cuisine, as this young lady and the young gentleman attracted quite a crowd of goats who were competing for their favors.

Photo:  As you enter the brewery - or the restaurant if you cant to call it - you'll notice the bar to the right, picnic tables, and the micro brewery tanks.  The whole operation is housed in an ex-barn, which adds to the rustic charm, and adds to the taste of the amazing beer served on-tap, at the bar.

Photo:  At the rear of the barn there are six beer tanks, where the beer is made.  GoatHouse Brewing Co. is truly a "micro brewery" as the whole brewing operation is located inside the barn, and the space is shared with the bar/taproom, and the "dining room," with picnic tables.

Photo:  The menu is posted behind the bar and lists all of the brews GoatHouse produces.  

Photo:  Behind the taproom there is a shady patio for you to enjoy the fine micro beer, or your favorite cuisine from the food truck that happens to be at the brewery when you visit.  You can watch the goats at action as you enjoy your delicious beer.

Photo:  If you don't like goats or beer, you're warned to park elsewhere when you visit GoatHouse Brewing Co., located in Lincoln, CA.

Photo:  Meet Kristina, my friendly bartender who welcomed me to the brewery with a smile.  I pondered over the menu, placed on the wall behind her, and my first choice was a "Phat Bastard Scotch Ale." which sounded great to me.  How could you not love a beer with a name like that?

"Phat Bastard" is listed in 7.5% in alcohol, so it's something you need to take in moderation if you're driving.

Photo:  Practically every weekend, GoatHouse Brewing Co. has a different food truck, featuring a different cuisine, and today, I was treated to tacos from Zintzuni.  On this late Saturday morning, Zintzuni's tacos are popular to go with the amazing micro beer.

Photo:  The menu is posted on the side of the truck using a video monitor and is a little hard to read, and nearly impossible to photo.  How I wished for a printed menu!!!  The menu is very limited, but focused on Mexican authenticity and quality.

Photo:  After I picked up my order of "Street Tacos," I asked the friendly chef to take my photos, with the tacos, and he totally agreed.  Service at Zintzuni is FAST, as my order of tacos arrived about five minutes after placing my order.  Zintzuni is a regular at GoatHouse Brewing Co. on weekends, and the taco truck restaurant is a favorite with the Placer County locals.

Photo:  From the "monitor menu," placed on the side of the taco truck, I ordered "Street Tacos," which always works with me.  My choice of meat was carne asada, and besides steak, pork and chicken are listed on the menu.  When the "order guy" asked me what I wanted on my tacos, I requested "everything," as there is nothing on a taco that I don't love.  So, I got it all.

These are authentic "street tacos," which get the name as they're sold on the streets of every Mexican city, town or village, by street vendors.  Each taco started with two DVD-size corn tortillas - just like from a Mexican street vendor - and included a generous helping of marinated steak - carne asada - cut into bit-size pieces.  Since I asked for "everything" each taco was garnished with chopped white onion, along with chopped, fresh cilantro.  Condiments included a couple small cups of in-truck made medium-hot salsa - at my request - along with a cup of sour cream for dipping.

Great "street" tacos, and if I would have closed my eyes, I could have imagined that I was on Av. Juarez in Nuevo Laredo, enjoying tacos from a street vendor.  Naturally, when I opened my eyes and saw the styrafoam box and the container of sour cream, I knew I was in Lincoln.  Great tacos, as the meat was marinated, juicy and tender, and the veggies were fresh and delicious.  The corn tortillas were perfectly toasted on the griddle, and held together as I enjoyed my delicious tacos.

I love "foodie" trucks, and Zintzuni is a great "foodie" truck, with a limited menu, as can be expected within the limitations of a food truck.  At $11.00 for three "Street Tacos," I consider the price on the "steep" side, but it is what it is, and the authentic Mexican "street" cuisine is delicious.

You can find this amazing taco operation on the web at:
8531 Thys Ct.
Sacramento, CA 95828
916 606-1641

Photo:  My three "Street Tacos," after I've applied some of the delicious salsa verde that was included with the meal.  Note the slice of lime, which added an amazing touch when I squeezed on the delicious tacos.  The carne asada was seasoned, marinated and tender.  Tortillas were slightly grilled, and held together when you were on the "business end" of the taco.  Onion and cilantro were super fresh and diced "just right."  Great tacos from Zintzuni!

Photo:  After enjoying a lunch of three "Street Tacos' from Zintzuni food truck, I just HAD to order another beer... how could any beer lover resist?  Friendly Kristina poured my beer from the tap, and fellow friendly bartender, Josh, joins her for the photo.  Great beer, and friendly people at GoatHouse Brewing Company!

Photo:  I smile, and I say "Cheers!" as Kristina take my photo, as I toast to GoatHouse Brewing Co. with "My Daddy Says" IPA.  Cheers!

Photo:  Meet my "goblet" of "My Daddy Says" IPA.  The menu describes this beer as "West Coast IPA, with mosaic, simcoe and centennial."  It has 9.4% alcohol, so it's potent, and will keep you satisfied as you watch the goats and enjoy the amazing beer.

It's a great beer, with a "stand-up" taste, which is a trademark of west coast IPA.  Anyway you look at, "My Daddy Says" is a great IPA, and my only regret is that I didn't have a designated driver, so instead of simply enjoy a small goblet of this amazing beer, I could have enjoyed a growler.  Alas, unless you have a designated driver, a goblet is the way to go.

Fine micro brew, good food, a lovely ranch, friendly service, along with lots of cute goats make GoatHouse Brewing Co. a delightful weekend "destination" for your micro brew and "foodie" enjoyment. Located inLincoln, CA, in the great Sacramento metro area of California.

GoatHouse Brewing Co.
600 Wise Rd.
Lincoln, CA 95678
916 740-9100

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