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Griffin's BBQ was the first in the lineup of rib cookers in the 2022 2nd Annual Placer County Fair Rib Cookoff, held at "The Grounds," formerly known as the "Placer County Fairgrounds.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after the 13:30 opening time for rib tasting at the 2022 2nd Annual Placer County Fair Rib Cookoff, located at "The Grounds" in Roseville, CA.  The date is Sunday, June 26, 2022, and Griffin's BBQ was the first stop of three restaurants on today's rib tasting adventure.

Photo:  Meet Matt, the talented pitmaster, as he opened the pit so I could look at all of the racks of ribs cooking. Note the large pan with house-made sauce, used for basting.  The sauce is a proprietary recipe, made in-house by the staff, and it's a Kansas City style barbecue sauce, and is some of the best sauce around.

Photo:  Racks of pork ribs grilling on the smoker/grill.  As the ribs on the lowest level of the grill, closest to the coals get close to finishing time, Chef Matt removes them from the grill's direct heat, wraps them in foil and moves them to a higher lever, over indirect heat, to bake until completely ready to serve.

Photo:  Hostess Kim and Alexis serve a friendly customer his five ribs.  Tickets for the event are sold as 5 tickets for $10.00, and you can use the tickets any way you choose between the 25 rib cookers at the event.  This customer seems to have used all of his tickets at Griffin's BBQ, as he has a keen taste for delicious ribs.

Photo:  After the ribs are removed from the pit, they're brought into the restaurant and cut into individual ribs, and placed in a large, heated pan, ready to serve.

Photo:  Chef Matt, the talented pitmaster, opened the pit for me and proudly display a rack of ribs he'd just taken out of the pit, ready to bring into the restaurant to cut into individual servings.

Photo:  Meet Kim - on the left - and Alexis - on the right - two friendly staff members who fixed me up with my order of five ribs, and treated me like family.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy as I display my box of five pork ribs, from Griffin's BBQ, of Marysville, CA.  I'm ready to enjoy a feast!

Photo:  My five delicious ribs that I picked up at Griffin's BBQ, which was the first barbecue restaurant I visited.  The rib tasting event only lasts two hours, so I only hit three restaurants, as there simply wasn't enough time to visit more, and receive full enjoyment.  So I only visited three restaurants, but I enjoyed five ribs at each restaurant I visited.  I LOVE grilled pork ribs!

Griffin's BBQ uses locally gathered oak wood, which grows locally and is very similar to hickory, and I could faintly taste the delicate taste that oak implants in meat when it's used as fuel.  The sauce was a proprietary, in-house-made version of classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce, which was both tangy and sweet, at the same time, with a rich, robust, yet delicate taste.  The sauce was simply delicious!

The ribs were large, falling-off-the-bone tender, juicy, delicious, and grilled to perfection in Pitmaster Matt's smoker/grill.  With the barbecue sauce added to the ribs, in true Kansas City fashion, the ribs Pitmaster Matt cooked were simply delicious, and truly some of the best ribs in Placer County!

Griffin's BBQ has a talented barbecue crew, who work together to grill some of the best Kansas City style pork ribs in Roseville!  The crew is friendly, and their ribs are delicious.  When you're attending the rib cookoff, be sure to visit their restaurant.  The "BBQ" in you will be glad you stopped by!

Griffin BBQ
Marysville, CA 95901

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