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If you love everything about airplanes and aviation, The Grass Valley Air Show and Brewfest, held each July at the Nevada Country Airport - KGOO - in Grass Valley, CA, is an event you'll just love.  If you're a "foodie," and you love airplanes, this is a great event, as Raley's Supermarkets sets up a booth, and grills amazing hamburgers, and tri tip sandwiches, for all "foodies," and lovers of airplanes to enjoy.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The 2019 edition of the Grass Valley Air Show and Brewfest opened at 8 in the morning, Saturday, July 20, 2019, to beautiful blue skies, and temperatures in the upper 70's when the event opened.  By the time I departed, in mid-afternoon, the temperature had reached the low 90's which made the weather very cooperative and pleasant.

The Grass Valley Air Show and Brewfest is held every year on the third Saturday in July, at the Nevada County Airport, and offers something for everybody.  If you love to look at general aviation, experimental aircraft, military vehicles, old farm machinery, it's all here.  Air shows happen during most of the event, and include stunts, close fly-by's, formation flying, and even a B-25 WWII era bomber doing fly-by's, and offering rides.

If you're a "foodie," you've come to the right place, as there are several vendors offering barbecue, hot dogs, kettle corn, ice cream, and lots more.  Ol' Republic Brewery, local to Grass Valley - brewed in Nevada City, just over a hill -has a booth set up, and offers several varieties of their amazing beer, at a very reasonable price.  So if you're a lover of airplanes, or a "foodie," you'll fine exactly what you're looking for at this fine event.

It's a little after 10 in the morning, Saturday, July 20, 2019, and I'm enjoying the airplanes, aviation action, air show, and I'm looking forward to a barbecue lunch, and a few cold beers.

Photo:  Like most air shows, there is a display of vintage military hardware, including this WWII vintage Jeep, complete with .50 BMG machine gun.  Most will probably not notice, but the VHF radio in the back seat is actually from the Vietnam era, but I won't tell anybody.

Photo:  Raley's Supermarkets opened their barbecue booth at about 11 in the morning, and began grilling tri tip sandwiches and hamburgers.  It's around 11:30 and there is already a line-up of aviation enthusiasts in the mood for a great lunch.

Photo:  Raley's Supermarkets keeps the menu simple at the Air Show, as they offer grilled tri tip sandwiches, along with burgers, which can be included in a "meal," if that's what you want.

Photo:  For unknown reasons there was a small delay in the line to order your burger or your sandwich, but Raley's likes to make their guests feel at home, so the cashier gal was handing out free, chilled, bottled water to those in line who were thirsty.  Great customer service!

Photo:  When you reach the booth, you'll meet the friendly cashier - who handed out free bottled water - and the condiment gal, who doubles between the front of the booth and he condiment table.  

You make your selection from the limited menu, pay for it, grab your choice of soft drink and chips, and head to the rear of the booth, where you'll receive your burger or your sandwich.

Photo:  Burgers are smokin' on the propane-[fired grill, and the chef is happy to show his technique for my camera.

Photo:  Burger patties cooking on the grill at the outdoor kitchen, behind Raley's booth.  Note the perfect grill marks, which is the mark of a talented grill chef.

Photo:  I'm handed my wrapped tri tip sandwich with a smile!  By the hat this friendly guy is wearing, I assume he's a Raiders football fan.  If you're an NFL fan, you know that Northern California is "Raider Country," despite the fact the Raiders will soon be moving to Las Vegas.

Photo:  After you pick up your burger, your tri tip sandwich, or both, the condiment table is located near the kitchen, and is staffed by a friendly gal who will assist you with your tomato slices and lettuce. You apply the mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise yourself, and she will garnish your food with lettuce and tomato, if that's what you choose.

Photo:  Another burger chef demonstrates his skills at Raley's grill, in the outdoor kitchen behind their booth.  If you're a "foodie" and if you love grilled burgers, tri tip and friendly people, you've come to the right place.

Photo:  I ended up ordering a tri tip sandwich, and a burger a la carte, as I'm not a fan of bagged potato chips, and soft drinks didn't appeal to me, as I was enjoying beer from nearby Ol' Republic Brewery.

Both the sandwich and the burger featured LOTS of perfectly grilled meat, thanks to the talented barbecue chefs Raley's recruits to cook for this event.  The burger is a quarter pound before cooking, and the tri tip sandwich features LOTS of grilled, thinly-sliced beef, that is grilled to perfection, and sure to put a smile on any carnivore's face.

Both sandwiches feature a fresh roll or bun, and unlike some other sandwiches or burgers I've enjoyed, the roll and the bun stay together, so you can enjoy all of the goodness!  This is great barbecue at a reasonable price!

I had only applied mustard and mayonnaise to my lunch before visiting the condiment bar, and the friendly gal helping you with your condiment needs.

Photo:  Today, for me, was a "foodie" event, but there were actually aircraft flying in formation, putting on quite a show!

Photo:  I loved watching this beautiful biplane do slow, low-pass fly-by's...

Photo:  Ol' Republic Brewery, had a booth set up, which show cased five of the twelve beers they brew.  They're local to Grass Valley, as they're located in Nevada City, which is over a hill and just a couple miles north of the airport, and Grass Valley.  Along with the heat, the beer line is growing on this early Saturday afternoon.

Ol' Republic Brewery is a local, micro-brewery, who has the beer franchise for the Grass Valley Air Show.  The beer is reasonable priced at $5.00 for a 12-oz cup... isn't that a great price for micro brew?  Wait... it gets better, as if you purchase a block of five beer tickets, you get FIVE of their delicious beers for $20.00!  That's beyond reasonable... compare that to an NFL football game or the California State Fair.  

I definitely believe in value, so I purchased a block of five beer ticket for $20.00, and enjoyed the delicious beer.

Photo:  These friendly ladies were more than happy to pour my beer, and greet me with lots of smiles, and pleasant conversation.

Photo:  I toast the Grass Valley Air Show and Brewfest, Ol' Republic Brewery, Raley's Supermarkets, along with airplanes, general aviation, "foodies," and everybody who love great air shows, beer and barbecue.  Cheers!

The air show is great, as it's family-friendly, very active, and the mountain location of the town of Grass Valley is majestic.  The staff and fellow air show enthusiasts are friendly, the show is amazing, the beer is cold, and the barbecue is great!  Combine great barbecue, airplanes, and a lot of fun, and you have the Grass Valley Air Show and Brewfest, 2019.

Nevada County Airport
13083 John Bauer Ave.
Grass Valley, CA 95945
530 273-3374

Raley's Supermarkets

Ol' Republic Brewery

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