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What could be better on a sunny, warm. late spring Sunday morning to enjoy a exotic hot dog in the park?   Especially a delicious "Hawaiian Hot Dog" with a definite California slant.  Say "Hello" to Hula Dogs!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Hula Dogs is a small, pop-up restaurant, owned and operated by Zumapoke and Lush Ice, located in nearby Davis, CA.  The restaurant offers catering, and sets up for special events that happen in the greater Sacramento area.  On this beautiful late Sunday morning, May 15, 2022, they've set up shop at Mahany Park, in Roseville, CA, and are serving amazing hot dogs.

Photo:  Mahany Park Farmers Market is an event that happens every Sunday, from 09:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, weather permitting.  The event always includes several food vendors, who operate on a rotating basis, so each time you attend the event, you'll likely enjoy a different food vendor, which is a Roseville "foodie's" dream come true!  Besides restaurants, there are booths that offer mostly locally-made artisan crafts, condiments and lots of farm-fresh produce grown on area ranches.  Truly, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

During the winter the event shrinks down to a few die-hard booths, but on a beautiful 80-degree such as today, there were probably 75 or more booths, which made for a fun day!

Mahany Park is located at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA 95747.  You can get information about the event online, or by calling 916 484-7000.

Photo:  Dustin, the "Coconut Guy" was in front of the restaurant, with knife in hand, whacking up coconuts.  For $5.00, the "Coconut Guy" will whack your coconut so you can enjoy the water, and when you're finished, he'll cut out the meat for you to enjoy.  For only $5.00, it's great one-stop-shopping, as you get a refreshing drink and coconut meat to enjoy.  

Dustin was also the "meet and greet" person who took my order, and my hard-earned $12.00 for my "Aloha Dog" with Spam as my meat of choice.

Photo:  The menu is posted on the side of the canopy, and offers seven choices of hot dogs, some of which are quite exotic, and not something you'd find at your carnival or county fair.  I went with the "Aloha Dog," which is at the top of the menu, and is the "Signature Dog" of this fine, pop-up restaurant.

Photo:  After I placed, and paid for my order of a "Spamdog" from Dustin, I went around to the back of the restaurant to take a peek into the kitchen.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my Spam, egg and hot dog bun, frying on the griddle.

Photo:  Meet Brian, who was the chef, and is simply an expert when it comes to cooking perfect hot dogs in a small, portable restaurant.

Photo:  After my "Spamdog" was ready, Brian placed it into a cardboard, "eco friendly" to-go container, and presented it to me.  During my chatting with Brian, he mentioned that he absolutely loves his job, and loves to cook, because, in his words, "I'm a foodie."  Brian is my kind of chef!

Photo:  "Surf and Turf" on a hot dog bun, ready to be picked up.  This composite "dog" is made of lobster, grilled corn, garlic aioli and avocado, on a toasted hot dog bun.  Like all orders, it includes a side of barbecue potato chips.

Photo:  From the "top" of the menu, I went with the "Aloha Dog" with my choice of meat of Spam, as Spam is very popular in the State of Hawaii.  When you order this amazing "Spamdog," you get to choose between a hotdog or Spam... what a difficult decision!  In the end, I went with Spam as my meat of choice, in the spirit of Hawaii.

The "Spamdog" began with two large pieces of delicious Spam, browned and grilled to perfection on the griddle. The bun was a fresh, regular size bun that was lightly toasted on the griddle.  When the meat and bun were ready, Brian took them off the griddle and placed them in a to-go box and added pineapple chutney, teriyaki sauce, fresh jalapeno pepper slices, spicy aioli, and last but not least, a fried egg.  Today marked another "first" in my life, as I've never enjoyed a fried egg on a hot dog... or should I say "Spamdog?" ... until today!

Like all dogs on the menu, my "Aloha Dog" came with a small side of barbecue potato chips, which added a bit of "crunch" to the meal.  The chips were nothing special, but they mated perfectly with the dog, and made for a complete lunch.

The "Aloha Dog" is not your garden variety of hot dog, as it was simply delicious, and is unlike any hot dog that I've ever enjoyed.  All ingredients combined together to create an exotic, tropical and amazing taste sensation!  In the spirit of Hawaii, I felt compelled to order Spam as my meat of choice, but I can only imagine the wonder of this dog with a quarter pound, perfectly grilled dog that "snaps" when you bite into it.  The "Aloha Dog," with either variety of meat is a hot dog lover's dream come true!

Photo:  After picking up my amazing lunch from Chef Brian, I sat down at a picnic table and smiled, as I got ready to enjoy my amazing "Spamdog."

Photo:  This friendly gentleman happens to be a Roseville local, and a fellow, self-confessed "foodie" who runs a "foodie" blog.  Why didn't I get his name?

Photo:  I take a bite into my "Aloha Dog," which actually was a "Spamdog," as Spam was the meat of my choice. This was an amazing dog!  Hula Dogs posts a slogan that reads, "Hawaiian Food with a California Spirit."  So true, and truly a exotic, delicious dog.

Photo:  Cross section of amazing "Aloha Dog," showing the fresh bun, along with the grilled Spam, pineapple chutney, teriyaki sauce, sliced jalapenos, fried egg, and spicy aioli, dripping down my hand.  Delicious!

The dogs served at Hula Dogs are simply delicious, and the staff is amazingly friendly.  For the schedule and locations of where this small pop-up restaurant will appear, contact Zumapoke and Lush Ice.  The hot dogs served at Hula Dogs are "foodie quality!"

Hula Dogs/Zumapoke and Lush Ice
730 3rd St.
Davis, CA 95834
530 341-0498

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