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Lonny Boy's Barbecue is a barbecue restaurant icon in the small town of Hurricane, UT, as they dish out some of the best southewestern/Texas style barbecue is southwestern Utah.  Lonny's has an amazing brick and mortar restaurant in downtown Hurricane, but did you know they cater to many events, including The Trail Hero 2020 four wheel drive event?  In addition to catering, during the trail event, on the day to honor veterans of the armed forces, Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express served a complimentry breakfast burrito, a trail lunch and a complete barbecue dinner, and all veterans dined for free!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express's "brick and mortar" parent restaurant is located on State Street, in Hurricane, Utah.  The restaurant operates a couple of catering trailers and caters to a variety of events, including the many off-road events held in the Hurricane area.

Photo:  It's late Thursday afternoon, October 08, 2020, and Lonny's Barbecue Express has set up a catering trailer at Sand Mountain OHV Staging area, where vendors have set up shop for The Trail Hero 2020 4wd event, which is being held in the mountains, just east of Hurricane.  In doing his part to honor all veterans of the armed forces, Lonny provided complimentary dinners to all veterans who participated on today's Veteran's Trail Run.  Lonny and his crew are truly generous!

Photo:  Lonny himself hands a veteran his complimentary dinner, with a "thank you for your service," along with a smile.

Photo:  Lonny smiles for my camera, as he showcases my dinner.  As a Navy veteran, I appreciate his generosity.

Photo:  I'm a tired, but happy 4-wheeler, as I hold the dinner that Lonny and his crew have provided.  A big THANK YOU to Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express!

Photo:  My delicious, complimentary dinner, that Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express provided to all veterans of the armed forces, including me, after completing two tours in the U.S. Navy, years ago.  The delicious dinner was made in his brick and mortar restaurant and delivered on-site to the Sand Mountain OHV staging area, in the vendor area, at the heart of The Trail Hero 2020 4wd event.

My amazing dinner began with a generous portion of Lonny's smoked pork, with a heaping portion of smoked chicken thrown in.  Both the pork and the chicken are smoked at Lonny's outdoor smoker, located in back of his restaurant, for around 14 hours using hickory wood, so the meat is juicy, tender, and delicious.  The smoke taste definitely enhances the taste of the meat, but it's not overpowering, and simply compliments the delicious, tender meat.

Sides included mashed potatoes, coleslaw, along with a cornbread muffin.  The entire meal was fresh, warm, and simply delicious.

I have to confess the mashed potatoes I enjoyed tonight were some of the BEST mashed potatoes that I've EVER eaten!  Seriously... the potatoes were creamy, mashed perfectly, with small pieces of skin included - which I love - and tasted better than any mashed potatoes that I've enjoyed in my recent memory.  These are SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS mashed potatoes!  Lonny Boy knows his barbecue craft, and his mashed potatoes.

The generous portion of coleslaw was delicious, tangy, and made the way coleslaw is supposed to be, and made an outstanding vegetable side dish for this outstanding barbecue meal.  The cornbread muffin was great, but not memorable, and the slab of butter added a nice touch.

The nearby B.F. Goodrich tire booth provided all-you-can drink beer to veterans to compliment the meal.  I definitely took advantage of their generous offer.

Thank you Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express for providing all veterans a delicious, complimentary dinner!

Photo:  During today's "Veteran's Run," Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express provided a complimentary trail lunch, pre-made in his restaurant, and brought out to the trail, for the "trail heros" to enjoy.

Lunch was sliced turkey and cheese, sandwich, on a sweet roll, along with a bag of chips of your choice.  Not shown in the photo, but small packages of mustard and mayonnaise were provided to enhance your sandwich.  Thanks, Lonny Boy, for the complimentary trail lunch!

Photo:  Thursday morning, October 08, 2020, all veterans of the armed forces were invited to come together and meet in Lonny Boy's Barbecue restaurant's parking lot, before embarking on today's "Veteran's Run," at The Trail Hero 2020 4wd event.  The event had waived the $50.00 trail registration fee to those who had served in the armed forces.  Today, Lonny Boy provided a free breakfast burrito to all veterans.

Photo:  Lonny and his staff member Olivia set up shop in front of his restaurant, handing out free burritos to all veterans who were participating in today's trail run.  

Photo:  Olivia smiles, as she hands me my complimentary breakfast burrito.  I thank her and Lonny for their amazing patriotism and generosity.

Photo:  I'm a happy Navy veteran as I pose with my breakfast burrito, which will keep me going on the trail run until dinner.

Photo:  After thanking friendly Olivia for my breakfast burrito, I broke it open so I could see the goodies inside, and what I was about ready to enjoy.

Lonny's breakfast burrito starts with a large, soft, seamed flour tortilla, filled with scrambled egg, chopped sausage, onion and gooey cheese.  It's big, it's a handful, it's delicious, and it will keep you full for the rest of the day!  All ingredients in the filling were fresh, lightly seasoned, and delicious!  Such an outstanding breakfast burrito!

Photo:  Late Wednesday afternoon, October 07, 2020, after enjoying the "Dinosaur Tracks" trail run, we pulled into the vendor area to check out the vendor displays, and find something for dinner, as when you're four wheeling on rough trails all day, it builds up an appetite.  Lucky for us, Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express had set up shop in one of their catering trailers, and were dishing out pulled pork and brisket sandwiches.  How could we resist?

Photo:  The menu was posted on the side of the trailer, and it offered two entrees:  Smoked pulled pork, or smoked beef brisket.  At $10.00, including tax, the price seemed very reasonable, and after enjoying the amazing sandwich, the price of the meal seemed like a bargain.

Photo:  Lonny set up a small condiment bar in front of the trailer, which included dill pickle spears, red onion, thousand island dressing, ketchup, and Lonny Boy's famous, in-house-made barbecue sauce.  It's all kept cool on ice, and there are plenty of paper towels, which come in handy, considering how juicy the sandwiches are.

Photo:  After placing, and paying for my order, Josh hands my "Smoked Beef Brisket" dinner to me with a smile.

Photo:  I'm a hungry guy after four wheeling all day, and I smile, as I know I'm about ready to enjoy some of the best barbecue brisket the Hurricane area has to offer.

Photo:  My "Smoked Beef Brisket" sandwich, along with some of the best fries that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy!  The menu describes the sandwich as, "Certified Angus beef brisket, coated with our own brisket rub, then cooked over hickory smoke for 14 hours... low and slow on this baby.  Freshly sliced.  Includes fries or potato salad."

I agonized between the "Smoked Beef Brisket" and the "Smoked Pulled Pork" sandwiches, but in the end, the brisket won out, as there is nothing I love more than smoked brisket, as it reminds me of Texas, although Lonny Boy prepares "southwestern" style barbecue.

Lonny's beef brisket is smoked over hickory for 14 hours, which makes the meat tender, juicy, with just the right amount of smoky flavor to make it mouth-watering delicious.  Your sandwich includes three generous slices of brisket, which is placed on a fresh, soft, chewy roll.  No dressing or condiments are on the sandwich, as you get to add what your heart desires from the condiment bar, located in front of the trailer.  I chose Lonny's fries as my side - despite the fact that I've never met a potato salad that I didn't adore - and I'm glad I did, as these were some of the most delicious fries that I've ever eaten!

From the condiment bar, I added "Thousand Island" dressing to my sandwich, a couple of dill pickle slices, along with a generous helping of sliced red onion.  The fries were so amazing that I didn't even dip them in ketchup!

The brisket and fries I enjoyed at Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express was simply amazing!  The brisket was tender, the fries were some of the best that I've ever eaten, and the whole lunch was as good as it gets!

Photo:  Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express catering trailer, after dark on Saturday, October 10, 2020, which was the closing night of the event.

Over the course of a year, Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express caters to many events in the Hurricane/St. George area of southwestern Utah.  Lonny's team makes outstanding southwestern barbecue happen, from their catering trailers, and from their amazing brick and mortar restaurant, located in Hurricane.  For your next event, if you're looking for amazing barbecue, give Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express a call...

Lonny Boy's Barbecue Express
980 West State St.
Hurricane, UT 84737
435 215-3011

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