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The banner on the booth proudly advertised, "Authentic Pakistan Food," which works with me, as Naan Tikka sells several varieties of naan bread, samosas, dipping sauce and other delicious Pakistani cuisine.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Naan Tikka sets up a small store nearly every Sunday at Mahany Park Farmers Market, at Mahany Park, located in Roseville, CA.  The booth isn't exactly a restaurant, as the specialize in naan bread, along with a small selection of Pakistani condiments.  However, if you are a lover of samosas - like I am - they sell freshly baked samosas, ready to enjoy, which make for a great snack, or a light lunch.

It's Sunday May 15, 2022, and I've arrived at the Mahany Park Farmers Market, and after enjoying an amazing "Aloha Dog" at co-located Hula Dog, it was time to enjoy a "Samosa"  or two, and bring home a package of "Garlic Naan Bread," freshly baked by Naan Tikka.

Photo:  Mahany Park Farmers Market is an event that happens every Sunday, from 09:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, weather permitting.  The event always includes several food vendors, who operate on a rotating basis, so each time you attend the event, and I've noticed that Naan Tikka is a regular vendor.  Besides food, there are booths that offer mostly locally-made artisan crafts, condiments and lots of farm-fresh produce grown on area ranches.  The amazing cuisine offered by Naan Tikka certainly compliments the family-friendly atmosphere this fine every-Sunday event offers.

Mahany Park is located at 1545 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA 95747.  You can get information about the event online, or by calling 916 484-7000.

Photo:  There is a menu at the back, but it only seems to be a "suggestion," as on this late Sunday morning, the restaurant was only offering a few of the menu listings.

Photo:  I gravitated towards the bags of samosas, which were highlighted at the front of the restaurant.  I didn't even ask my host of what variety they were, as I've never met a samosa that I haven't fallen in love with.  Later, I found the samosas at Naan Tikka were the spicy variety, as found on the streets of Karachi.

Photo:  Next to the samosas, there was a display with small containers of "Chana Masala," ... oh my... "Eggplant Borani," along with "Chicken Tikka Masala."  Oh... was I tempted!  It was difficult, but I resisted temptation, as I was "fixated" on "Garlic Naan Bread," along with a bag of "Samosas."

Photo;  The "star" of the show, so to speak... "Garlic Naan Bread," along with plain, regular, "Naan Bread."  It's all delicious, but I went with the garlic variety, as garlic works with everything, especially naan bread.

Photo:  My host - unfortunately I didn't catch his name - helps a customer purchase a order of naan.  This gentleman was a great host, and offered me friendly hospitality.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, after I've purchased a bag of "Samosas" to enjoy for my lunch, along with a bag of "Garlic Naan Bread' to take home, and enjoy over the next couple of days.

Photo:  I went with a package of "Naan Garlic Bread," along with an order of "Samosas," as there isn't a samosa on the planet that I don't love.  In each package, Naan Tikka gives you three slices of garlic naan bread, which will keep your taste buds happy for a day or two.  Each package of "Samosas" includes five delicious "Samosas," which makes for a perfect snack, or for a light lunch.

Photo: One bite into a "Samosa," and I was rewarded with all of the goodness.  The dough was perfectly deep fried to a deep golden brown, and thin, resembling a wonton.  The filling was what you find on the streets of Karachi, as it was made of chickpeas, potatoes with coriander for seasoning, and on the spicy side, which gave it a little "kick," and made this samosa a taste sensation.

I'm not an expert on Pakistani cuisine, but I know samosas vary depending on which part of the country you're visiting, and the samosas sold on the streets of Karachi tend to be on the spicy side, which is exactly what I enjoyed on this beautiful, mid-May morning.  Simply delicious!

Photo:  A slice of heaven... a slice of " Garlic Naan Bread" freshly baked from Naan Tikka, with lots of garlic, cilantro, and plenty of flavor.  The bread was soft and lightly golden toasted, tender, with lots of flavor.  I could taste the ghee the bread was brushed with, along with LOTS of garlic, and delicious diced cilantro to add to the amazing flavor.

The bread was baked early in the morning, and rushed to Mahany Park for the 09:00 in the morning opening time of the farmers market, so it was tender, fresh, and full of flavor.  I've never been to Pakistan, but I'm guessing when I close my eyes, and bite into this amazing piece of naan, I could be instantly be transported to the streets or Karachi, or Islamabad.  Delicious in any sense of the word, or the continent!

Naan Tikka offers amazing Pakistani cuisine, baked by local chefs, and for many Sundays of the year, is located in a booth at Mahany Park Farmers Market, where you'll be greeted with a friendly smile, and you'll enjoy amazing Pakistani cuisine, at Mahany Park, located in Roseville, CA.

Naan Tikka
701 16th St. #130
Sacramento, CA 95814
916 620-3672

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